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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Once Upon a Time In China

I was really so bored that is why i decided to clean my documents then i found some pics that i have I though i deleted.

This Picture was taken from china, well it cant see the background since i did put a picture frame i just love the frame.

this was taken at the windows of the world

My very first time to be in Xiamen and to meet a fellow filipina, her name is line from Davao

at the bus stop on my way back to shenzhen from xiamen

My first Night in China

Friday, 29 April 2011

How Far Can You Go?

Many people would ask you how far can you go for a family. How much can you sacrifice for a love one.

can you walk on the street with no lights and it's a seven minute walk, you have to do it because there are no more cars for you to ride on since its already 10 pm and you are living in a private place.

can you walk through this dark alley where id every time you walk it feels like the walls are closing and will smash you anytime soon.

and the only hope that you have is reaching this part where in there is a street light, but no people at all, the worst part is that 25 meters away is a dumping site for salvage victims.

this things are not as scary to some but to me since its my first time to take a part time job at this hour it makes me scared but something i have to do for my son and a family I'm trying to raise. (if only my family stand to their word of supporting me i dont have to do this) This may appear to be just nothing compared to what you have dome so far for your family but i guess it only proves that you and I have one thing in common, we can both do everything for  our family.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The Power Of Innocence

This is a picture of my Niece, one year old chinchin, i was out of the country when she was born and when i came back he already cam crawl and it feels like its just days then i saw her walking at 11 months. Days and month seems to run so fast, we might notice it but anytime soon they will be on college, and then maybe they will walk down the else soon enough before we know it.

I wonder how many more stages of life of this kids that happen that we are not aware of, sometimes there are words that she speaks that i never heard before, I don't understand but her nanny does :).

One funny thing about her is that, every time i inter their house (they are just 10 meters away from mine) she will say bye bye, which is kindah funny because i just inter the house, and as soon as i walk out the door she will close it. Now a days i know how to get her approval, I always bring banana with me and she will let me carry her for-ever haha.

sigh sometimes i wonder the things that i miss about my childhood, maybe not much or maybe i just don't know.

I love the power of innocence in this kids.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

When Does Love Worth a Second Chance?

What if one day the one you love will tell you that when you wake up early morning the following day she/he won’t be there anymore. It sounds like it only happens on movies, or MTV of a music video but sad to say it just happen to one of my girl friends today. It did not happen just exactly like that, they did not talk about it she just woke up one morning (this morning) with a note that says “sorry but starting today you have to wake up alone in this bed we shared for a long time”.

She doesn’t have any idea what happen or what she did why he left but I guess guys who can’t commit really don’t have the guts to stay. Just that she did commit the most mistake woman do when they are in love. It’s staying even if the sign of breaking up is right in front of you.

I don’t know but in my case I do break lose when I saw the sign and more often than not i am right we were not meant to be. Some relationship might work in the end, some may gamble but how would you know if it’s worth giving a chance or not.

For me it was not worth it, for her it was not worth it as well but she did gave it a shot only to find out that she took the chance only to see his man walk away. (Not literarily but she could have walk away in the very first place when she had the chance)

Monday, 25 April 2011

Learning How To Drive

at first its exciting but then when my teacher starts to say this and that while i'm on the wheel i feel like fine why not do it yourself then, but of course he is my teacher and he's good as to what i can see so i need to follow what he's teaching me or i wont learn anything at all.

teacher Ian
sigh anyway this is my third night now so wish me luck people that i will learn soon cause gas is to expensive.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

My For-ever Favorite Song

Nan Layad Nan Likhatan
Nan layad ensikhafan
Tet-ewa'y sikhab
Layad ay nenlikhatan
Nar-os cha am-in.

Seg-ang yangkhay nan wad-ay
Sik-a et achi mampay
Ya ngag kasin ta angnen
Nar-os cha't am-in.

San enta nenfowekhan
Ad-im ngen semken
San enta nenpachangan
Nar-os cha am-in


Layad ta'y chachama
Ento pay kasin chachi
Nar-os cha't am-in.

Tak-en mo mimowasan
Someg-ang ka man
Ta kasin ta lomanen
San layad ta'y chwa.

San layad ta'y chachama
Wedwecha's fangonen ta
Ta't ampay en-among ta
Omafong ta'y chwa.

translation to follow.

I am not from the place where the song was originated but i always hear this song since i was young and the moment i understand what it means It became my favorite.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Kian With a Smile

I dont really put much pictures of my son on the internet but I just want to share a glimpse of how my son look like. He sure is not the cutest baby ever born but he is to me. He's really so adorable and makes me want to live each day of my life with a smile on my face.

signing off,
Strawberry Princess

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Cherry blossom

Okey lets just say I'm not really a good painter, sure i do paint a lot but most goes to the waste can. But then i watch this video on youtube how to paint a cherry blossom so I tried my luck. So here we go. This is my first try hopefully it will be better soon enough.

so this is the blank canvas that i start with.

 and of course painting the background by using red, yellow and blue

the end product of the background

as you can see there is a difference of color of this and the above back ground that is because when i tried to paint the branches it dont looks so good so i made some changes to make it a little bit darker and well i still used the same color.

And the flower, this was the easy part the branches as you can see i still did not get it well but I'm planning to work on that pretty soon.

and of course the end product of the painting

I did some blue as well this one is not finish though...

signing off,
strawberry Princess
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