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Friday, 5 August 2011

Bloggers Blog Post

Hello dear lovely bloggers. I do know that we all want to be heard that is the reason why we are blogging in the very first place.

but to let out blog be knows is really a pretty hard job "at least to most that I know", and most of all there are no place to place our blogpost for free if you want to have traffic. So I started this group where in you can post the link of your blog post for other bloggers to see and comment or visit.

But there is a rule before you can join
1. You should understand that it's not the only way to gain traffic to your blog and it's just new "so dont expect much at first".
2. It's not allowed to spam, you can only post your (same link) every two hours. If your link are of different post you may do so.

aside from that it's your own free world as mine...
opppsss I forgot to mention the basic rule but a must

You should have a facebook account
(dont worry you will just join the group you are not forced to ass the members as your friends)

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Domain Name Desaster

Looks like I have no luck on my net life these past few days.

I bought a domain from godaddy and wanted to use it here, but then will all the things I did setting up everything seems not to work. So I got no choice but to come back from the old address which is with the blogspot before the dot come.

I had a good luck though with buying a domain from Google which I used in my other blog. It's something that I have to do since the dot wordpress and dot blogspot are blocked in china so I have to buy a domain.

Basically its ten times more expensive but its something that seems to work.

about the new blog:
it's also like a diary but the thing is that it has a task to do at the end since its intend for the English learners. hope you will visit it soon..

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

My Emotional Trash Can

 I dont know but I figured out that each and every friend that I have who are in need of a shoulder to cry on when seems not to find one they turn on the web to talk to a perfect stranger and when done they feel so relieved.

I had my moments of grief as well and I admit that just like today’s generation I did turn to the web for comfort. I have been there a lot of times, a lot that I cant even count on my fingers.

But it doesn’t mean I dont trust my friends, of course I trust them just that I dont trust my self, there are a lot of things in me that I dont trust at all. I dont want my friends to know how weak I am when they all thought I am strong that no one can break me down on my knees.

Crying is not my kind of thing as well when I am so down flat on the ground. I do cry but not in front of the people I know, my crying time is when all those who can hear me are sleeping and crying place is my four wall bedroom.

People think I can go places and don’t have to worry about it because I have a bright future, do they really know who I am so they can say that I have a bright future. I dont think they do, at the back of a strong woman is a child hiding waiting to be found.

Bottom line is that I just want to thank all the strangers I meet online for being a friend, (Imaginary to most) you may not know it but I really did draw a strength from you guys.

Thanks a lot… :) Hugs!

Facebook Game Addiction

I am sure that I am not the only one in this whole blogging world who has an addiction to Facebook games. When facebook was still new I was so addicted to playing farmtown, then came farmville, and other kind of farming games. I think I tried it all.

But then I started to lose interest in it, I feel like I'm doing the same thing over and over again and nothing is changing so when the additional farm was introduced I bought some farms and decided to make my farm a flower farm... all of them.

I use to live in a house surrounded by fruit trees and flowers "well thanks for my parents green thumb". So designing this virtual farm is quite challenging and interesting.

Here is a sample of the flower farm I did... not yet un full bloom but I guess everybody can get the idea...

it looks like I planted the flowers in rows but actually no I design them slanting lines... anyway thats not the point of this entry.. the point is that what ever addiction we have in the virtual world we can always find a way to make them cure of stress "it does for me".

How about you?
what kind of game have you been addicted with?
"both off line and on line"
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