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Friday, 5 August 2011

Bloggers Blog Post

Hello dear lovely bloggers. I do know that we all want to be heard that is the reason why we are blogging in the very first place.

but to let out blog be knows is really a pretty hard job "at least to most that I know", and most of all there are no place to place our blogpost for free if you want to have traffic. So I started this group where in you can post the link of your blog post for other bloggers to see and comment or visit.

But there is a rule before you can join
1. You should understand that it's not the only way to gain traffic to your blog and it's just new "so dont expect much at first".
2. It's not allowed to spam, you can only post your (same link) every two hours. If your link are of different post you may do so.

aside from that it's your own free world as mine...
opppsss I forgot to mention the basic rule but a must

You should have a facebook account
(dont worry you will just join the group you are not forced to ass the members as your friends)

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Domain Name Desaster

Looks like I have no luck on my net life these past few days.

I bought a domain from godaddy and wanted to use it here, but then will all the things I did setting up everything seems not to work. So I got no choice but to come back from the old address which is with the blogspot before the dot come.

I had a good luck though with buying a domain from Google which I used in my other blog. It's something that I have to do since the dot wordpress and dot blogspot are blocked in china so I have to buy a domain.

Basically its ten times more expensive but its something that seems to work.

about the new blog:
it's also like a diary but the thing is that it has a task to do at the end since its intend for the English learners. hope you will visit it soon..

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

My Emotional Trash Can

 I dont know but I figured out that each and every friend that I have who are in need of a shoulder to cry on when seems not to find one they turn on the web to talk to a perfect stranger and when done they feel so relieved.

I had my moments of grief as well and I admit that just like today’s generation I did turn to the web for comfort. I have been there a lot of times, a lot that I cant even count on my fingers.

But it doesn’t mean I dont trust my friends, of course I trust them just that I dont trust my self, there are a lot of things in me that I dont trust at all. I dont want my friends to know how weak I am when they all thought I am strong that no one can break me down on my knees.

Crying is not my kind of thing as well when I am so down flat on the ground. I do cry but not in front of the people I know, my crying time is when all those who can hear me are sleeping and crying place is my four wall bedroom.

People think I can go places and don’t have to worry about it because I have a bright future, do they really know who I am so they can say that I have a bright future. I dont think they do, at the back of a strong woman is a child hiding waiting to be found.

Bottom line is that I just want to thank all the strangers I meet online for being a friend, (Imaginary to most) you may not know it but I really did draw a strength from you guys.

Thanks a lot… :) Hugs!

Facebook Game Addiction

I am sure that I am not the only one in this whole blogging world who has an addiction to Facebook games. When facebook was still new I was so addicted to playing farmtown, then came farmville, and other kind of farming games. I think I tried it all.

But then I started to lose interest in it, I feel like I'm doing the same thing over and over again and nothing is changing so when the additional farm was introduced I bought some farms and decided to make my farm a flower farm... all of them.

I use to live in a house surrounded by fruit trees and flowers "well thanks for my parents green thumb". So designing this virtual farm is quite challenging and interesting.

Here is a sample of the flower farm I did... not yet un full bloom but I guess everybody can get the idea...

it looks like I planted the flowers in rows but actually no I design them slanting lines... anyway thats not the point of this entry.. the point is that what ever addiction we have in the virtual world we can always find a way to make them cure of stress "it does for me".

How about you?
what kind of game have you been addicted with?
"both off line and on line"

Friday, 29 July 2011

Parcel Disaster

Recently I have been sending and receiving postcard from different countries, and so far I did not have a problem until recently I send a bunch of postcards to someone in Germany together with other cards. The other 3 have their cards (and those cards have been sent ordinary). One card which was sent registered was lost somewhere and to top it all the help and tracking of Philippine postal Corporation is under construction since august 2009, that is so insane. I should have not sent the parcel registered because it seems that the ordinary cards arrived faster than the registered one.

I really don't worry because phil post will (said by them not proven though) pay the parcel if lost but the fact that some people might lost the trust on me is scary. It makes me wonder how many cards out there that were not delivered and was just toss in a trashcan for any reason I cant comprehend. How many people are thinking I'm a cheater just because of something that I did not do and really got nothing to do with it.

Sigh this system is really killing me, I just hope some of the cards I sent and some of the cards I will be sending in the future will really reach its destination..

"picture of the registration to follow"...

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Does your Reader Matter?

To me yes, after all I created the blog so I can be heard. It’s my emotional trash can (well not all the time).

I have been blogging for quite sometimes now, and I can say I really like it, it’s an island where In I am the queen I create my rules and I am the law. Basically something I can’t even do in the real world.
of course I dont want people to feel so sleepy while reading my blog.. do you?

I know it’s a sign of a person who wants to break free from rules “don’t get me wrong I am also a law abiding citizen, I follow rules, stop at red light, drive at the right lane, put my trash at the right bid and etc”. But having a place of your own, a place whom you can have be your self and break free from law, morals and what ever the physical world is demanding from us.

But then again.. it’s not totally free, because after all I have to consider the fact that I have readers, People who might agree or disagree “something that I took both in a positive way”. They are the people whom I want to learn from my post, they don't have to love it, and they don't have to agree with it but I just hope they enjoy it.

It’s not really a total free world but it's a world that what ever rules you are going to make it’s totally yours. A world where in you are the opposition and the government. Your rule your law and your word.

But readers matter… they affect the rules that you make but for sure making some adjustment on the rules is something me and most bloggers would be glad to do… it’s for our own good after all…
I love all my readers and I love to read as well..

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Korean Kids Card - #1

Ok I don't really write a lot about the postcard that I receive but this postcard and the rest of this batch I decided to write something about them.

Sender : Hyeon-su a 14 year old Korean young lad

He got a question for me:

? - who is the president of your country?
My answer: The president of our country is Ninoy Aquino the 3rd, he is a son of a former president Corazon Aquino. 

He also wrote something about the president of his country, I think he is a kid with a political mind, he's just 14 and he already know how to say "i did not like him at first but now I like him because he is really so smart" 

and his last message did make me smile:
"I have more question but I have no more space to write them"... :) clever lad.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Cards From Korea

I did a swap with Korean kids and the cards arrived in one day. My problem now is how to reply to them all I cant just say greetings because it should be something personal besides they have a question for me that hopefully I can answer.

I will feature each card soon in my blog...

Wednesday, 20 July 2011


It's really that easy to change because after all it's the only constant think in this whole wide world. So today there is another change of routine from my fixed daily routine.

Wake up and sleep some more, a change that I am looking forward... So this past few days I have been sick, just head ache and "you know the kind of feeling when red flag arrived with a cold".. that's what i am feeling right now...

I really don't feel so good, and I'm feeling a life of bed and internet. I have been away from the net "I mean blogging for few days because I was trying to cure my addiction to it"... Some addiction are good, I think addiction to work is good, (depends on your level of addiction)... but internet addiction is really killing my social life, and not only that, there are moment where in sometimes i feel like staying on the net rather than going out.

So I decided to put a minimum amount of time on it and focus on something more important, of course I still cant live without it, I mean who does but I know there are some things that needs more attention than this.

I wont be out of blogging I will still do it on a regular basis but not as much as I do before...
See you people on my next post...

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

2GO - Warning don't Trust them

I was so mad because of this document delivery service, I have been trying to call for the last two days if they picked my document already at DFA.

They will always say sorry ma'am the document is not yet at our end we will notify you if we already have your passport/document.

The passport is there waiting for pick up and I don't understand why they cant go and pick it up. It's their job right. Why cant they pick it up.

If i go to manila again then what is the use of using the delivery service.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

A smile Under Your Tears

hello guys.. back on tract...

I have been away for quite sometimes because I was in manila at saint looks visiting my cousin. While In manila I have learn to smile my sweetest smile even if i wanted to cry.

My cousin has a cancer and he doesnt know it yet, the doctor says he got 3 month maximum to live. It was really painful for us to be in the middle of the right of the patient to know and making his last days memorable for him and mostly for us. It's a selfish decision but I guess it's just the right thing to do. A glimpse of hope is better than knowing that there is no more hope.

What is more painful is that he is just too young, he is too kind and most of all one of the closest cousin I have. Sometimes I asked God why he has to do this while there are a lot of bad people being free, but then again who am i to question God. I guess he has a reason that what ever I do to understand I cant and will never.

To those who have sent postcards and a get well soon card to him, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, you made him smile and give us hope that we will see his sweetest smile longer than what science have said...

Monday, 4 July 2011

My Town - Guest Post from Poland

Płock is a city in central Poland picturesquely located on a steep Vistula riverbank. It is one of the oldest Polish cities and a historical capital of Mazovia and true capital of Poland under Władysław Herman (1079 - 1102). 
 In Płock there is the Cathedral Basilica dated back to the 12th century, there is a sarcophagus of two Polish rulers - Władysław Herman and his son Bolesław Krzywousty. The city is also famous for the oldest Polish school - more than 800-years old Stanisław Małachowski High School, the oldest in Poland 
Scientific Society (established in 1820) and magnificent, classical City Hall building. Tourist attraction of Płock is the Zoological Garden beautifully located on the Vistula river escarpment with impressive collection of poisonous snakes. We cannot forget about a breathtaking view from the Tumskie Hill, as well as newly opened pier ad amphitheater.  At the same time, historical Płock is the city of modern industry. Polish Oil Concern "ORLEN" is one of the biggest Polish companies - a magnate on the market of liquid fuels and petrochemical products and one of the biggest companies in this part of Europe.
In the picture you can see the amphitheater which I've mentioned above, as well as some boats and hotels. I took the picture while standing on the pier ^^ I'm sorry, I do not have a picture of the town hall.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Friday, 1 July 2011

30 pictures in 30 days - day 01 - Muliang and Sagada

I do agree that I often times I asked people to share their pictures but I don't share mine, my apology! So here it is, I'm sharing my collection of photographs. "most of the time I make them into post cards". 

anyway this picture is the birth place of my ancestors, and of course my birthplace. "except Muliang, Muliang is in Paraceles another municipality I went there for a education mission".

note: I took most of the pictures, if not it was shared to me by my friends and I have the full authority to use them into my blog.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Rain Rain Go Away

it's been raining for 3 straight days and things are already getting messy. Clothings that are washed but on the edge of becoming smelly because of no sunshine to dry them. That means a lot of trips to the laundry shop and the owners who are not really much concern of how your cloth may look like after are getting rich.. "not really rich but businesses like that are on the boom"...

and to top that all internet connections are not helping either. They get slower and slower "even if you subscribe for a higher speed". Well there is not much that I can do about it do I? sigh!

Sometimes I feel like kicking my laptop for a minute because of the internet but since its the fruit of my very first salary I wont haha.

anyway there is not much to blog today... hopefully the rain will go away...

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The Fashion Icon

The first post she wrote that I read is about his two sons and their pictures. “Gosh her sons are cute” wink wink…

Anyway aside from being beautiful, being elegant on her choice of clothing and being body beautiful I like her SAREE’S really her choice is so beautiful.

She makes me wish I was born in that part of the world so I can wear that kind of clothing. Well some day… Hehe I will.

So you may want to ask what kind of award I’m giving to her, well I decided to make a real unique award something that is just hers, something that is not just a copy cat and something that is not just pass on from one blogger to another. 

I use the flower as an additional design because I was really so in love with her hand painted sari.  
It’s simple but I mean every letter on it…

Well I have more to say about how much I love her blog but I think I have to let you discover her and her blog…

Blogger Awards it Pours

thank you to divine Joy and Sie

the very first award I ever have

the rest of the award thank you...

maybe I wont do the traditional passing of this awards. I want to post individual post about recipient of these awards.

I'm fixing all the words that I have in mind to speak well of the blogger of my choice.

ps. Please check my other blog 

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Running Away From The Rain

I thought i was running away from the rain here in the cold city of Baguio when In fact i was chasing it by going to manila.

Anyway let me talk about my trip, this is my very first time to take a de-lux bus to manila, Like a plane hahaha... not really but theres a rest room inside and there is no such thing as bus stop plus the one who will take your ticket is a beautiful girl in a stewardess attire. "no wonder there were just seven girls in the bus and all are men".

The only thing about this kind of bus is that they are too pricey... yes its like twice the normal bus price but its so comfy... I like the fact that you are really so comfortable inside.

Regular bus takes 6-7 hours but de-lux takes 4-5 hours mostly five hours.

Well I took that kind of bus to and from manila, right now I just arrive and I hate the fact that I need some massage, too tired from the round trip.

Anyway it was raining here in Baguio when I left and when I arrived it was still raining... ugh! why do I complain its like this all year round.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Wish Dress

Every girl have a wish on their wedding day. They wish that they will wear the gown of their choice. So last night I dream about getting married hahahaha ...

So maybe if i get married I want these kind of gowns...

The brides maid will wear (I know this is a traditional wedding dress as well but I still dream of this for my brides maid)

hehe dreaming wont hurt I think...


Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Working Girls- Advice Please

Most of the lovely bloggers that I meet in here are working girls. I don't know if you have experience this kind of thing but just the other night I did help my sister rushed her research paper and I helped her.  I was thinking it's okay I can sleep in the morning so I helped her until 3 am.

Morning comes and I tried to sleep, my body is so weak tired and want to sleep but I just cant, I tried to relax my mind but I just cant help but wonder on my mind. My eyes are close but my mind is wide awake. I ended up having a terrible head ache.

any advice on what to do in times like this?

Monday, 13 June 2011

Falling in love with your Best friend

well hello people its been a long time since I post something about love in here. Not really my line (hahaha). Well i'm not really in love with my best friend because my best friend is married and have two young cute boys. His wife is my friend too so there is no way I will fall for him. (plus he is not really the guy i would fall for).

But just this morning I realize (while talking to him) that often times than not I always ask his opinion about the guy I'm dating. (I dont really listen) but often times than not he is right about the guy. and I will always blame him why you did not stop me from dating that idiot, then he will always say I tried you did not listen and the conversation will always end up with my line "you should have tried harder".

Well I dont know but I think he is right again this time and I really hate to admit it but once again I'm wrong and he is right. (ugh!) I think it takes a man to know a man.

well thats life.. cry for a night and move on tomorrow...there will always be a better man for me..

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Saturday, 11 June 2011

I miss my Favorite bloggers

I woke up this morning wishing that I will be able to read post from my favorite bloggers "it's Saturday people" so I have all day long to blog hop and comment on blogs but it looks like everybody is so busy with something.

So this Saturday I have all day long of sleeping... haha kidding... just so you know I miss reading from you guys...

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Share your Photos Mate - Day five - Dublin Ireland

So this is a picture send to me by Marie Harmony I really did asked her to send me some because she is the only one from there that I know of hehe..

she was really so nice to send these to me... thanks Marie Harmoney...
Visit her blog, it's full of inspirational Poetry...
jyoti if you are reading this and you are not yet following her I guess you should follow her hehe :), you are both so good in poetry...

here is her link

Warning or I'll Report you to google

how would you feel if during your blog hopping you found out that one blog copied one or two of your post and claimed it as HER own.

Just few hours ago I found out that one blogger copied my share your photo mate entries. I feel shame because I was supposed to keep them under copyright but I was thinking Do I need to?... I mean every blogger should have their own blogging ethics.

So please I know you are reading this and I know you visit my blog often because if not then how come you copied two entries word by word. at first I was thinking maybe these two people (who sent me their pics) sent you the same pics and that is something that is out of my hand. I would understand it but I check the people who follow you and I check the people you are following there is no way you know these people.

Write me an email if I am wrong. and I will update this but if I'm right please take those post down. I still have a sense of humanity so I wont post your URL here and give warning to other bloggers. and Please don't do it again... Some bloggers really spend time thinking on what post will they do and that includes me, have a little respect and think something on your own...

Dare I'm Willing To Take

Well It's really something I should not be doing but why not. It would be a dream come true to me if ever I'm going to accomplish this, it will for sure take months and years but It's something I really dream of doing even before.

so guys Have you heard of a so called travelling notebook, well to those who have never heard of it it involves a drive to the post office, to some people its just a walk or a run and it involves passing it on.

So I really need those who have time to drive to the post office to send this notebook.

The Rule is simple... If you receive this notebook kindly write something about anything on the notebook, then send me an email which will be written as well in the notebook stating that you received the notebook and I will reply with the address which you should send the notebook next.

Of course it involves money, time and efforts that is why I need those who really have time to do it "come one it's just once in a life time not all people have received a traveling notebook before"...

People from the Philippines are very much welcome I might send you the notebook first...

Please email me if you are interested at

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Share your Photos Mate - Day four - Philippines

this was shared to me by divine joy you can check her fashion blog here. She told me that her father made this for her, you know what I wish my father can make me one like this... Cause it's so beautiful, I would feel like I'm in a palace if ever I have this in my room or my living room.

Thanks divine for sharing your photos with me...

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Maternity Dress

My Friend asked me if I can gave her my maternity dress because she is pregnant and she don't have much to wear. I said of course since I'm not using them anymore. They still look new and I washed them before storing then into my closet. 

But I found this one and I don't know what was I thinking but I tried it one more time and asked my little sister to take a picture of me... haha...

I said goodbye to my maternity dress and let them go.

Share your Photos Mate - Day Three - Greece

This pictures were sent to me by Eva of Greece... a sweet lady and she always have a good word to say to everybody...

thanks eva for making my day..

She write a lot of good poetry, though the writings are in Greece the English translation is pretty okay, you can understand what the poem really mean...

visit her here

please help me with this challenge by sending me your photos by email

thanks people in advance

Monday, 6 June 2011

Share your Photos Mate - Day Two - Cairo Egypt

So I finally receive the next batch of photograph for my share your photo mate challenge, I have collaged the pictures to minimize space. You can click the pictures for a bigger size. 

Thanks to my friend ahmed who sent me this picture, I know he's really busy and got no time but I guess he is feed up with me asking almost everyday. :) so he went out and took this pictures for me....He really have an eye for ordinarry things that means a lot just like this picture.

just that I wish he will make a photo blog hehe but he don't have one, he said it's just a waste of time.

thanks so much Mate...

if you wish to help me with this challenge please do send me your photos at with your blog url.

I really love to see them... thanks people in advance.

Fat and Fabulous

who says fat people like me don't know anything about fashion? Well I do admit that slim and thin people can wear the dress better but it doesn't mean we cant wear it either.

While on my way home I pass through a store and they are on sale, of course fashionistas out there you must admit that when the store is on sale we try so hard to avoid it but often times we cant.

So i went inside and I was trying to try on this pink blouse "actually I have one like this before but I don't know where I put it, and I have yellow as well but I really like the pink one".

One thing that annoy me is the sales lady "for those who are in Baguio you might know the pink shop at session road (not the name but the paint) you can figure it out cause it's the only color pink shop in line with mercury, yellow cab and CID. anyway here is the conversation between me and the sales lady.

Me: miss wala ba kayong bigger size nito (dont you have a bigger size for this)

Sales Lady: wala po, yung nakadisplay lang po (we don't have the only available are those on display)

Me: oh okey

Sales Lady : at saka maam mataba po kayo, hindi po yan bagay sa inyo yung pong magganda at sexy ang bagay jan. (and besides ma'am you are fat, that only suits the sexy and beautiful)

I really feel so fucked up with her words so I was really so annoyed but i accept the fact that I am fat but I don't think I'm ugly either.

Me: what, are you really damn sure about that, so you really think I'm ugly.

Sales Lady:  Hindi naman maam kaso baka po kasi hindi ninyo kayang bilhin. (it's not that ma'am its just that you might not afford the prize)

I admit I'm not that rich not even close and 12USD for a blouse is pretty expensive for my standard but if I really want it I can buy it.

Me: really, where is your manager?

I did not wait for the answer and I went straight to the managers office.

Manager : Hello ma'an what can I do for you?

Me: Well I want to buy this blouse.

Manager: You can just pay it in the cashier.

Me: Well I know that, I want to give some donations too so you can send your employees for a good manners and right conduct seminar.

That was really harsh of me but I'm really so pissed. The manager was shocked as well and of course the rest is history. The sales lady got reprimanded, and i got the blouse for FREE...

so this is me wearing the blouse (FREE) and one thing is for sure free things really feels good on your skin.. hehe I really should have paid for the blouse but I tried twice and they did not accept, if the blouse is not really nice I wont take it but its the last blouse left.

ps: my sister is the worst photographer ever born

Sunday, 5 June 2011

New Flip Flops

I post some choices before "the other day" here about flip flops and I think the last picture won. Well sad to say I was not able to buy that one because I find this one this morning while I was with my sister shopping for shoes.

I Feel like it was a mistake because I kindah don't like the color but the first thing that attracts me is the princess written on it. So I'm still loving it, the pink one has to wait for another month hehe...

Saturday, 4 June 2011

My Reaction about the catholic church on divorce

Black - news
red - my reaction

That will legalize divorce in the Philippines.

Lipa (Batangas) Archbishop Ramon Arguelles called on the Filipino Catholic faithful not to follow the bad examples of de-Christianizing" countries.

-I beg to disagree on this matter, because if ever divorced will be pass not all couple will file a divorce and divorce wont be approved unless there is a reasonable ground for the divorce.

  Other countries should follow our example of Catholic fidelity," Arguelles said in an article posted on the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines news site.

-     Again you are wrong, not all countries are catholic, the Philippines is not even a hundred percent catholic, are you not supposed to be educating the santo papa on this matter because it seems that he is not against it. Or maybe you should learn from the santo papa that the affair of the church is different from the affair of the state.

Butuan Bishop Juan De Dios Pueblos added House Bill 1799 may lead towards immorality in a society which begins at home.

-Wrong again, you are forcing people to be immoral by not passing the bill and I guess you might not know it but there are thousand of live in partners out there who chose to be just like that because they fear the they might not have a way out in case the partnership wont work in a long run. There are a lot more example but I wont go through all of them cause I might spend my whole life doing so.

Puerto Princesa (Palawan) Bishop Pedro Arigo pointed out that the scheduled hearings and deliberations will become a waste of time and taxpayers money."

_well at least this time they got it right, its true that its just a waste of money but the thing that they did not get is the fact that they are the reason why the senate is wasting a lot of money for this, if they did not mingle with state affair this issue could have been over years ago.

Advocates of the bill in Congress noted that only the Philippines is left without a divorce law as Malta, also a Catholic country, has recently passed its own divorce law.

There are more important issues to address," Arigo said.

-well arigo is also right in this matter, why dont we talk about this catholic church who cant get over the fact that in this century the church is different from the state, that the church has a lot of dirt to clean from their own backyard.

-well I think I have to remember this people the next time I pay them to pray for the sins.

source  JE, GMA News

Thanks Anna Maria of Estonia

I so love this I'm sure I'm going to wear it soon... thanks Anna I really love it

so my first post card finally arrived, thanks Anna Maria. 
In other words she will get the baguio shirt that I post before. 
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