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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Running Away From The Rain

I thought i was running away from the rain here in the cold city of Baguio when In fact i was chasing it by going to manila.

Anyway let me talk about my trip, this is my very first time to take a de-lux bus to manila, Like a plane hahaha... not really but theres a rest room inside and there is no such thing as bus stop plus the one who will take your ticket is a beautiful girl in a stewardess attire. "no wonder there were just seven girls in the bus and all are men".

The only thing about this kind of bus is that they are too pricey... yes its like twice the normal bus price but its so comfy... I like the fact that you are really so comfortable inside.

Regular bus takes 6-7 hours but de-lux takes 4-5 hours mostly five hours.

Well I took that kind of bus to and from manila, right now I just arrive and I hate the fact that I need some massage, too tired from the round trip.

Anyway it was raining here in Baguio when I left and when I arrived it was still raining... ugh! why do I complain its like this all year round.


Divina Joy said...

Yo! That was awesome, I never have taken a deluxe bus because it's expensive. lol. Yeah it's the rainy season, just enjoy! How? well, figure it out haha. By the way, I have awarded you, please check it out.

Rachit said...

it feels good to dance in rain :)

Sie said...

tsk tsk..nagbyahe pala ang papa and mama always ride a victory bus - de luxe going is a little bit more expensive but it is far more comfortable and fast so less tiring..pwede na enjoy naman..

sis if your not tired collect your awards on my site ok doki *hugs hmmmmmmmmmm..*

strawberry Princess said...

wow divine thank a lot

strawberry Princess said...

@sie I will collect them all hehehe

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