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Saturday, 4 June 2011

My Reaction about the catholic church on divorce

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That will legalize divorce in the Philippines.

Lipa (Batangas) Archbishop Ramon Arguelles called on the Filipino Catholic faithful not to follow the bad examples of de-Christianizing" countries.

-I beg to disagree on this matter, because if ever divorced will be pass not all couple will file a divorce and divorce wont be approved unless there is a reasonable ground for the divorce.

  Other countries should follow our example of Catholic fidelity," Arguelles said in an article posted on the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines news site.

-     Again you are wrong, not all countries are catholic, the Philippines is not even a hundred percent catholic, are you not supposed to be educating the santo papa on this matter because it seems that he is not against it. Or maybe you should learn from the santo papa that the affair of the church is different from the affair of the state.

Butuan Bishop Juan De Dios Pueblos added House Bill 1799 may lead towards immorality in a society which begins at home.

-Wrong again, you are forcing people to be immoral by not passing the bill and I guess you might not know it but there are thousand of live in partners out there who chose to be just like that because they fear the they might not have a way out in case the partnership wont work in a long run. There are a lot more example but I wont go through all of them cause I might spend my whole life doing so.

Puerto Princesa (Palawan) Bishop Pedro Arigo pointed out that the scheduled hearings and deliberations will become a waste of time and taxpayers money."

_well at least this time they got it right, its true that its just a waste of money but the thing that they did not get is the fact that they are the reason why the senate is wasting a lot of money for this, if they did not mingle with state affair this issue could have been over years ago.

Advocates of the bill in Congress noted that only the Philippines is left without a divorce law as Malta, also a Catholic country, has recently passed its own divorce law.

There are more important issues to address," Arigo said.

-well arigo is also right in this matter, why dont we talk about this catholic church who cant get over the fact that in this century the church is different from the state, that the church has a lot of dirt to clean from their own backyard.

-well I think I have to remember this people the next time I pay them to pray for the sins.

source  JE, GMA News


Fashion Design Colleges Surat said...

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strawberry Princess said...

I wish some people would really read the articles

Divina Joy said...

Hi strawberry princess. I hope you don't mind if ask you, are you a Catholic or not?

strawberry Princess said...

@divine Joy - I am not a catholic, but I have nothing against any church, just that I dont believe on those who are running these churches.

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