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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Dare I'm Willing To Take

Well It's really something I should not be doing but why not. It would be a dream come true to me if ever I'm going to accomplish this, it will for sure take months and years but It's something I really dream of doing even before.

so guys Have you heard of a so called travelling notebook, well to those who have never heard of it it involves a drive to the post office, to some people its just a walk or a run and it involves passing it on.

So I really need those who have time to drive to the post office to send this notebook.

The Rule is simple... If you receive this notebook kindly write something about anything on the notebook, then send me an email which will be written as well in the notebook stating that you received the notebook and I will reply with the address which you should send the notebook next.

Of course it involves money, time and efforts that is why I need those who really have time to do it "come one it's just once in a life time not all people have received a traveling notebook before"...

People from the Philippines are very much welcome I might send you the notebook first...

Please email me if you are interested at


Veronica's Kitchen said...

Hi Strawberry Princess, lovely idea of the travelling book! It's going to be interesting to read what others have written. I agree with you that live life to the fullest so you won't regret when you die as you only live once! Cheers!

Asta said...

wow..this is very interesting. i don't think i will be able to take part in it though.

strawberry Princess said...

@hello veronica - I'm happy to see you here

strawberry Princess said...

@asta - hehe really not that easy but so far I already have 12 countries who join in. thay are not just blogger though. They also do the same thing

cherrey said...

oh my! this should be exciting! and yeah, it's the closest we can get to snailmailing! I missed that.. count me in!

Jyoti Mishra said...

u r really a daring girl !!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic Idea! I did not know this but it sounds a wonderful experience.
I am on it definitely, will send you an e-mail. Take care and well done for taking the plunge.

strawberry Princess said...

@cherry - send me a mail if you want to join

Divina Joy said...

Hi Strawberry! Count me in. This is interesting. :)

strawberry Princess said...

@divine - send me an email if you want to join :-)

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