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Monday, 6 June 2011

Fat and Fabulous

who says fat people like me don't know anything about fashion? Well I do admit that slim and thin people can wear the dress better but it doesn't mean we cant wear it either.

While on my way home I pass through a store and they are on sale, of course fashionistas out there you must admit that when the store is on sale we try so hard to avoid it but often times we cant.

So i went inside and I was trying to try on this pink blouse "actually I have one like this before but I don't know where I put it, and I have yellow as well but I really like the pink one".

One thing that annoy me is the sales lady "for those who are in Baguio you might know the pink shop at session road (not the name but the paint) you can figure it out cause it's the only color pink shop in line with mercury, yellow cab and CID. anyway here is the conversation between me and the sales lady.

Me: miss wala ba kayong bigger size nito (dont you have a bigger size for this)

Sales Lady: wala po, yung nakadisplay lang po (we don't have the only available are those on display)

Me: oh okey

Sales Lady : at saka maam mataba po kayo, hindi po yan bagay sa inyo yung pong magganda at sexy ang bagay jan. (and besides ma'am you are fat, that only suits the sexy and beautiful)

I really feel so fucked up with her words so I was really so annoyed but i accept the fact that I am fat but I don't think I'm ugly either.

Me: what, are you really damn sure about that, so you really think I'm ugly.

Sales Lady:  Hindi naman maam kaso baka po kasi hindi ninyo kayang bilhin. (it's not that ma'am its just that you might not afford the prize)

I admit I'm not that rich not even close and 12USD for a blouse is pretty expensive for my standard but if I really want it I can buy it.

Me: really, where is your manager?

I did not wait for the answer and I went straight to the managers office.

Manager : Hello ma'an what can I do for you?

Me: Well I want to buy this blouse.

Manager: You can just pay it in the cashier.

Me: Well I know that, I want to give some donations too so you can send your employees for a good manners and right conduct seminar.

That was really harsh of me but I'm really so pissed. The manager was shocked as well and of course the rest is history. The sales lady got reprimanded, and i got the blouse for FREE...

so this is me wearing the blouse (FREE) and one thing is for sure free things really feels good on your skin.. hehe I really should have paid for the blouse but I tried twice and they did not accept, if the blouse is not really nice I wont take it but its the last blouse left.

ps: my sister is the worst photographer ever born


मेरो सिसाकलम said...

nice post. you definitely look beautiful with that dress. :)

strawberry Princess said...


Tom said...

Donations for good manners and conduct seminar...that's priceless. Congratulations on the free blouse.

chica mala said...

you are so cute with your pink bluse!!! :)

strawberry Princess said...

@Tom - actually its just a common sarcasm in here that if the food crew or sales lady or anyone who is in the service business are rude. we often say "you want me to pay your tuition in a school of Good manners and right conduct" it's not literal but its just one way of saying you are a jackass..

strawberry Princess said...

@chika mala - thanks a lot...

Divina Joy said...

Hahaha.. I think I know that store.. I don't know if I can do what you did..

The best things in life are free.. that saleslady is really rude... I hope I never encounter someone like her...

strawberry Princess said...

@divine joy - well well I am sure you know.. hindi pweding hindi mo mapansin pag naglalakad ka sa session road.. haha

cherrey said...

that saleslady was trying to be nice but she still come off rude.. hindi lang talaga niya alam kung ano ang tama sa mali tsk tsk.. and all in all, she's still rude.. tsk tsk.. and the manager did what she/he had to do..

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