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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Sisterhood of the weibo bloggers

There are days in out life where in we feel so low and most of the time we give up on dreams that we have been molding for years. I admit I’m just one of those who just gave up when things gets tough.

There were moment where you feel like you are all left alone somewhere and you don’t know your way home. At some point or another I felt that way in weibo. First thing is I don’t know how to read Chinese and I don’t even know if someone or somebody will give a shit on what I’m saying or will say. “Thanks to Daniel he made everything possible for me”.

Just when I think it’s going to be a boring net explores it turn out to be even better; I meet people that I really have a real good conversation with. And to top it all I meet some weibo sisters.

It’s funny how you love some people without even seeing them in flesh and blood, how you turn out to be just like him/her.

So this post I’ll dedicated to all those sisters that I meet along the way, I felt like I meet my long lost sisters, we are divided by distance and ethnicity not to mention culture but we manage to break all the barriers and be sisters.

I just hope the sisterhood will grow… the more the merrier I believe so.

note: all pictures in here were sent to me with the owners full consent


Amanda Ford said...

hello dear! you looking so cuteeeeee... nice thanks for share!

strawberry Princess said...

amanda ford - well those are my sisters hehe My picture is not there yet.

anna-maria said...

You have so many sisters.What are their names?)

Divina Joy said...

You got pretty sisters!

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