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Friday, 5 August 2011

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Hello dear lovely bloggers. I do know that we all want to be heard that is the reason why we are blogging in the very first place.

but to let out blog be knows is really a pretty hard job "at least to most that I know", and most of all there are no place to place our blogpost for free if you want to have traffic. So I started this group where in you can post the link of your blog post for other bloggers to see and comment or visit.

But there is a rule before you can join
1. You should understand that it's not the only way to gain traffic to your blog and it's just new "so dont expect much at first".
2. It's not allowed to spam, you can only post your (same link) every two hours. If your link are of different post you may do so.

aside from that it's your own free world as mine...
opppsss I forgot to mention the basic rule but a must

You should have a facebook account
(dont worry you will just join the group you are not forced to ass the members as your friends)

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