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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Domain Name Desaster

Looks like I have no luck on my net life these past few days.

I bought a domain from godaddy and wanted to use it here, but then will all the things I did setting up everything seems not to work. So I got no choice but to come back from the old address which is with the blogspot before the dot come.

I had a good luck though with buying a domain from Google which I used in my other blog. It's something that I have to do since the dot wordpress and dot blogspot are blocked in china so I have to buy a domain.

Basically its ten times more expensive but its something that seems to work.

about the new blog:
it's also like a diary but the thing is that it has a task to do at the end since its intend for the English learners. hope you will visit it soon..

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