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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

My Emotional Trash Can

 I dont know but I figured out that each and every friend that I have who are in need of a shoulder to cry on when seems not to find one they turn on the web to talk to a perfect stranger and when done they feel so relieved.

I had my moments of grief as well and I admit that just like today’s generation I did turn to the web for comfort. I have been there a lot of times, a lot that I cant even count on my fingers.

But it doesn’t mean I dont trust my friends, of course I trust them just that I dont trust my self, there are a lot of things in me that I dont trust at all. I dont want my friends to know how weak I am when they all thought I am strong that no one can break me down on my knees.

Crying is not my kind of thing as well when I am so down flat on the ground. I do cry but not in front of the people I know, my crying time is when all those who can hear me are sleeping and crying place is my four wall bedroom.

People think I can go places and don’t have to worry about it because I have a bright future, do they really know who I am so they can say that I have a bright future. I dont think they do, at the back of a strong woman is a child hiding waiting to be found.

Bottom line is that I just want to thank all the strangers I meet online for being a friend, (Imaginary to most) you may not know it but I really did draw a strength from you guys.

Thanks a lot… :) Hugs!

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