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Friday, 1 July 2011

30 pictures in 30 days - day 01 - Muliang and Sagada

I do agree that I often times I asked people to share their pictures but I don't share mine, my apology! So here it is, I'm sharing my collection of photographs. "most of the time I make them into post cards". 

anyway this picture is the birth place of my ancestors, and of course my birthplace. "except Muliang, Muliang is in Paraceles another municipality I went there for a education mission".

note: I took most of the pictures, if not it was shared to me by my friends and I have the full authority to use them into my blog.


Anonymous said...

They are lovely pictures! Thanks for sharing a bit more about you.I think the places we are born in determine a bit of who we are.
This one looks like warm and peaceful.
Have a lovely week-end! xx

Anonymous said...

I also don't share all of my pictures online.. (though I share some.. piling-pili lang.hehe) especially on Facebook. I just don't trust it. I still prefer having photo albums, those I can really "touch".. :)

Lovely pictures. Taga Baguio ka pala.. Cool! Last time I've been there, was way back 1996.. Antagal na. Hope I could go back there before the world ends. LOL.

Followed you, btw. Hope you will follow back. Good morning. :)

strawberry Princess said...

@ leah - thanks so much for the follow and yes if you ever think of visiting if Im still alive I will be happy to be your host hahaha

@Maria - there will be more hehehe

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