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Monday, 4 July 2011

My Town - Guest Post from Poland

Płock is a city in central Poland picturesquely located on a steep Vistula riverbank. It is one of the oldest Polish cities and a historical capital of Mazovia and true capital of Poland under Władysław Herman (1079 - 1102). 
 In Płock there is the Cathedral Basilica dated back to the 12th century, there is a sarcophagus of two Polish rulers - Władysław Herman and his son Bolesław Krzywousty. The city is also famous for the oldest Polish school - more than 800-years old Stanisław Małachowski High School, the oldest in Poland 
Scientific Society (established in 1820) and magnificent, classical City Hall building. Tourist attraction of Płock is the Zoological Garden beautifully located on the Vistula river escarpment with impressive collection of poisonous snakes. We cannot forget about a breathtaking view from the Tumskie Hill, as well as newly opened pier ad amphitheater.  At the same time, historical Płock is the city of modern industry. Polish Oil Concern "ORLEN" is one of the biggest Polish companies - a magnate on the market of liquid fuels and petrochemical products and one of the biggest companies in this part of Europe.
In the picture you can see the amphitheater which I've mentioned above, as well as some boats and hotels. I took the picture while standing on the pier ^^ I'm sorry, I do not have a picture of the town hall.

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