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Friday, 29 July 2011

Parcel Disaster

Recently I have been sending and receiving postcard from different countries, and so far I did not have a problem until recently I send a bunch of postcards to someone in Germany together with other cards. The other 3 have their cards (and those cards have been sent ordinary). One card which was sent registered was lost somewhere and to top it all the help and tracking of Philippine postal Corporation is under construction since august 2009, that is so insane. I should have not sent the parcel registered because it seems that the ordinary cards arrived faster than the registered one.

I really don't worry because phil post will (said by them not proven though) pay the parcel if lost but the fact that some people might lost the trust on me is scary. It makes me wonder how many cards out there that were not delivered and was just toss in a trashcan for any reason I cant comprehend. How many people are thinking I'm a cheater just because of something that I did not do and really got nothing to do with it.

Sigh this system is really killing me, I just hope some of the cards I sent and some of the cards I will be sending in the future will really reach its destination..

"picture of the registration to follow"...

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