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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Does your Reader Matter?

To me yes, after all I created the blog so I can be heard. It’s my emotional trash can (well not all the time).

I have been blogging for quite sometimes now, and I can say I really like it, it’s an island where In I am the queen I create my rules and I am the law. Basically something I can’t even do in the real world.
of course I dont want people to feel so sleepy while reading my blog.. do you?

I know it’s a sign of a person who wants to break free from rules “don’t get me wrong I am also a law abiding citizen, I follow rules, stop at red light, drive at the right lane, put my trash at the right bid and etc”. But having a place of your own, a place whom you can have be your self and break free from law, morals and what ever the physical world is demanding from us.

But then again.. it’s not totally free, because after all I have to consider the fact that I have readers, People who might agree or disagree “something that I took both in a positive way”. They are the people whom I want to learn from my post, they don't have to love it, and they don't have to agree with it but I just hope they enjoy it.

It’s not really a total free world but it's a world that what ever rules you are going to make it’s totally yours. A world where in you are the opposition and the government. Your rule your law and your word.

But readers matter… they affect the rules that you make but for sure making some adjustment on the rules is something me and most bloggers would be glad to do… it’s for our own good after all…
I love all my readers and I love to read as well..


Asta said...

i love how you said you are the queen of the island. so true darling. if nobody would read my blog, i would def get discouraged. but then, i want to be able to read my blog when i am old, for me you know.

Deborah said...

Thanx so much for your lovely comment, hun! i follow u back for sure! but i think u forgot to push the follow button!!!XD
come back soon!

strawberry Princess said...

@asta - so true that too is a good reason, when I get old I want to know how messy I write and if ever I will laugh or cry to my posts when I am old..
I sure do hope though that blogging will still be there when we are old..

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