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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Cherry blossom

Okey lets just say I'm not really a good painter, sure i do paint a lot but most goes to the waste can. But then i watch this video on youtube how to paint a cherry blossom so I tried my luck. So here we go. This is my first try hopefully it will be better soon enough.

so this is the blank canvas that i start with.

 and of course painting the background by using red, yellow and blue

the end product of the background

as you can see there is a difference of color of this and the above back ground that is because when i tried to paint the branches it dont looks so good so i made some changes to make it a little bit darker and well i still used the same color.

And the flower, this was the easy part the branches as you can see i still did not get it well but I'm planning to work on that pretty soon.

and of course the end product of the painting

I did some blue as well this one is not finish though...

signing off,
strawberry Princess


Anonymous said...

I think they are lovely paintings! When you do something with love, it's rarely a waste.

strawberry Princess said...

@mariah - thanks a are right..

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