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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The Power Of Innocence

This is a picture of my Niece, one year old chinchin, i was out of the country when she was born and when i came back he already cam crawl and it feels like its just days then i saw her walking at 11 months. Days and month seems to run so fast, we might notice it but anytime soon they will be on college, and then maybe they will walk down the else soon enough before we know it.

I wonder how many more stages of life of this kids that happen that we are not aware of, sometimes there are words that she speaks that i never heard before, I don't understand but her nanny does :).

One funny thing about her is that, every time i inter their house (they are just 10 meters away from mine) she will say bye bye, which is kindah funny because i just inter the house, and as soon as i walk out the door she will close it. Now a days i know how to get her approval, I always bring banana with me and she will let me carry her for-ever haha.

sigh sometimes i wonder the things that i miss about my childhood, maybe not much or maybe i just don't know.

I love the power of innocence in this kids.


Lydia K said...

I thought that was you, not your niece! So adorable.

strawberry Princess said...

thanks lydia. she's my younger sisters daughter. So cute... hehe

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