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Monday, 25 April 2011

Learning How To Drive

at first its exciting but then when my teacher starts to say this and that while i'm on the wheel i feel like fine why not do it yourself then, but of course he is my teacher and he's good as to what i can see so i need to follow what he's teaching me or i wont learn anything at all.

teacher Ian
sigh anyway this is my third night now so wish me luck people that i will learn soon cause gas is to expensive.


Mike Yurchenko said...

good luck to you! i finished my driving school and just examination left. I've already failed 2 times :D

strawberry Princess said...

really, thats bad, hopefully i wont fail if ever but right now my concern is learning.

I need the Luck though. with a strict teacher and my bad temper i really need the luck not to argue with my teacher.

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