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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

When Does Love Worth a Second Chance?

What if one day the one you love will tell you that when you wake up early morning the following day she/he won’t be there anymore. It sounds like it only happens on movies, or MTV of a music video but sad to say it just happen to one of my girl friends today. It did not happen just exactly like that, they did not talk about it she just woke up one morning (this morning) with a note that says “sorry but starting today you have to wake up alone in this bed we shared for a long time”.

She doesn’t have any idea what happen or what she did why he left but I guess guys who can’t commit really don’t have the guts to stay. Just that she did commit the most mistake woman do when they are in love. It’s staying even if the sign of breaking up is right in front of you.

I don’t know but in my case I do break lose when I saw the sign and more often than not i am right we were not meant to be. Some relationship might work in the end, some may gamble but how would you know if it’s worth giving a chance or not.

For me it was not worth it, for her it was not worth it as well but she did gave it a shot only to find out that she took the chance only to see his man walk away. (Not literarily but she could have walk away in the very first place when she had the chance)


Velvet Over Steel said...

Very touching post!! I have so been there! Sadly, if I listen to my own 'intuition' and walk away first.. I'm ok. If however I am in the frame of mind that I 'need' to give someone a second chance... it still ends the sane way. However, I feel hurt and become sad and even lonely then. Strange, that if we 'walk away' we recover so much faster than if the 'other' person does... I think it must have to do with the 'ego'.
I am praying your friend bounces back quickly and find the Right person for her very soon! Someone whom knows she it the right one too and mature enough to comment and work on a good relationship!!

Following and so glad to have found you!!
Coreen XO

Lydia K said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and nice to meet you!

So sad when you take that gamble and you still get a broken heart. Wonderful post.

NovaSixx said...

Hello po! This is one wonderful post u got! following...

Mike Yurchenko said...

every love has its end

strawberry Princess said...

@velvet - thanks a lot for the visit, hope to see you more often in here.
yes indeed all she have to do is try to bounce back as early as she needs to be.

strawberry Princess said...

@lydia - i guess there are few who dont end up broken hearted and those are the people who are strong enough to pretend that they are nor hurting.

strawberry Princess said...

@nova - thanks a lot for stopping by!

@ mike - I think everything has an end not just love.. hehe

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