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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Once Upon a Time In China

I was really so bored that is why i decided to clean my documents then i found some pics that i have I though i deleted.

This Picture was taken from china, well it cant see the background since i did put a picture frame i just love the frame.

this was taken at the windows of the world

My very first time to be in Xiamen and to meet a fellow filipina, her name is line from Davao

at the bus stop on my way back to shenzhen from xiamen

My first Night in China


Maggie said...

nice pictures! I really enjoyed them :)

-E- said...

awesome! i want to go to china...

strawberry Princess said...

@maggie - thanks a lot, i did work hard on it haha

strawberry Princess said...

@-e- - you can its a very beautiful place, just that it's a bit dirty.

spitting in public is legal.

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