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Friday, 29 April 2011

How Far Can You Go?

Many people would ask you how far can you go for a family. How much can you sacrifice for a love one.

can you walk on the street with no lights and it's a seven minute walk, you have to do it because there are no more cars for you to ride on since its already 10 pm and you are living in a private place.

can you walk through this dark alley where id every time you walk it feels like the walls are closing and will smash you anytime soon.

and the only hope that you have is reaching this part where in there is a street light, but no people at all, the worst part is that 25 meters away is a dumping site for salvage victims.

this things are not as scary to some but to me since its my first time to take a part time job at this hour it makes me scared but something i have to do for my son and a family I'm trying to raise. (if only my family stand to their word of supporting me i dont have to do this) This may appear to be just nothing compared to what you have dome so far for your family but i guess it only proves that you and I have one thing in common, we can both do everything for  our family.


Elliot MacLeod-Michael said...

If I had a family I would probably do the same.

Yono said...

Looks scary O.o

strawberry Princess said...

@Elliot - yes it is scary and dont want to want to do it if only i have a choice.

strawberry Princess said...

@yono - yeah it is but i guess as times pass by i will learn to ignore the scary part.

Lydia K said...

We all make sacrifices for our family. They can be scary, too. Maybe there should be a saying that "family is stronger than fear?"

strawberry Princess said...

@lydia - i guess so

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