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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Taxi Rush

It's really hard to find a taxi in rush hour, most of them choose passengers. Thats what happen to me and i really hate it because I'm on a rush to go to the Hospital because my cousin is there and he needed a blood transfusion and I'm the only available person around who has the same blood as his.

I Had a fight with one of the taxi driver

conversations are in my language but i just want to write it in english so everybody can understand.

Driver: where are you going?

Me: SLU hospital

Driver : please try another taxi it's traffic in that area.

Me: but i'm already sitting in your taxi.

Driver : then get off!!

Me: what, right i will get off but be sure to get ready of a case, i'll go straight to LTO tomorrow and lets see what you can do.

he turned red and suddenly he agrees to take me to SLU, I wish i did not ride in his taxi because he drives like hell, but i have no choice i have been waiting for one hour and a half now.


-E- said...

that sucks. why not ride a bike?

strawberry Princess said...

yeah if only i know how and i have one i will. hehe

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