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Monday, 30 May 2011

DFA Scenario

While inside the DFA I feel so nervous my heart beats faster than it usually does. I feel like there is something wrong I mean something will happen that I won’t like. I don’t know but it happen, it was my turn and the guard directed me to window 14, her aura is really a bit dark and my heart beats faster and faster as I talk to her.

Window 14 girl: Why are you changing your passport, you still have 3 more years for your passport.
Me: because it has a scratch in it and I tried to use it before but I can’t.

Window14girl: No you can still use this for 3 years.

Me: I know what you mean, the validity of the passport is 2014 but I can’t use it because it is mutilated.

Window14girl: No you can still use it, I won’t allow it.

Me: fine suit your self I’ll go talk to the director.

Windoe14girl: fine you think I’m afraid.

So I went to the directors office and if you go there you need to fall in line and fill up the complain paper before the director can see you. I don’t have time and I don’t want to travel 7 hours again just for this.

Director: what can I do for you?

Me: ma’am the girl in window 14 doesn’t want to accept my application for renewal just because my passport will expire on September 2014.

Director: that is not really allowed unless your passport is mutilated or there is physical damage on your passport.

Me: yes there is that is the reason why I want to change my passport.

Director: let me see your passport.

SO I gave her and then se saw the scratches and she notices that once upon a time the poor little book was submerge in water. She asked me if I intentionally did it and I said why should I that must be crazy, why on earth will I pay 1200 pesos just to change my passport if I don’t need to.

She smile and she dialed something on the phone, I guess she talked to the girl then she gave me my passport and asked me to go back again to window 14.

I was stubborn because I did not go back in there, I went to window 17 and with no question ask she gave me what I need and that is the end to the story.

On my way out I saw the girl in window 14, she states at me like she’s going to eat me alive I just smile and leave the place, the hell with her.

So while waiting for my friend I set beside a group of ladies and they were talking about this woman who was not able to get approval for renewal because of a certain staff, the staff is asking for money but the lady don’t have enough so she just took her papers and went out. I can’t help but to but in and I told them about my story, so I advice her to go there again fall inline in a different window.

So she went in there and she made it… I wish I asked her evidence so we can sue that bitch to the civil service commission. I wish someday that girl will get a dose of her medicine.


Kiran Bajaj Sawhney said...

bravo!! You were brave enough not to given in to the lady at wondow 14. And you went to the director and got it all sorted. Hats off to you.

Divina Joy said...

I'm glad everything went well with you in the end. :)

Sailor said...


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