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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

I Have a Cancer - Wrong Reading

 the ultra sound result that i showed her

the Hospital
It has been 12 days that I'm having a red flag, most of the time I just have it with in 3 days and this time it's something different because I have it in 12 days, I am becoming pale and I feel dizzy. So i decided to go to a doctor because I am already worried what could be my condition. 

So i was lucky enough to find a doctor (lunch time), when i told her about my problem she sent me to the ultrasound office, without a question I oblige. They have a rule that they wont allow you to have the Ultra Sound if you dont feel like urinating so I was forced to drink 500 ml of water and wait for 15 minutes before they perform the ultrasound.

After the Ultrasound they gave me the negative (my copy)and told me to wait for the written result, but I start getting so anxious so i went to the stationed nurse to give me what she thinks on the negative that I have. I have been ultrasound before that is why I saw what it looks like to have a normal uterus, and certainly it dont look like the negative that I have on my hands that's why I feel a bit nervous. 

I pointed out to the portion that i think it's not normal and what she told me totally blow my mind. I did not hear the rest of the phrase but she told me that is has something to do with cancer. 
I wanted to cry, really I want to slap her in the face (I wish I did) but i did not cry nor slap her in the face, I went to my back to my chair and just sit in there like as if everything around me is collapsing. I did not even hear my name when the doctor called my name.

Glad that I was with my friend that she notice what happen and she went to the doctor to see the result (report). She came to me and asked me why I am acting that way and I told me what the nurse just said. She was speechless too but she said maybe she was wrong and encourage me to go back to the doctor to ask if it's really true, so we went back in and asked the doctor, she said congratulation it's not what I have anticipated, your cervix are okey and there is no indication that it could be a major thing.

That time I feel like I was a dead person brought back to life, I asked her why then I am having this kind of thing and she said something that is a little bit disturbing as well but thanks GOD it's not cancer. I feel like if only murder is legal that nurse is my first victim.

my advice is that get a second reading or opinion when it come to cases like this, Cancer is not an efffiinngg Joke.


sarah smith said...

That sounds horrible! I can only imagine how you felt when you were told it was Cancer. It wasn't really fair for the nurse to tell you she thinks it could be Cancer :(

Lydia K said...

No, cancer is not a joke at all. I'm so glad you're okay!

strawberry Princess said...

@sara - yeah it feels like the ground opened to eat me alive.

strawberry Princess said...

@lydia - Yeah I am glad that I am okey and I dont have cancer as well.

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