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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Are you Kidding Me?

okey you probably want to ask who is she, well she is my sister six years younger than I am "yeah I'm getting old, who does not?"

Well the reason I'm blogging about her is that, my friend sent me a message this morning about her. She told me that my sister turn down a part in a local music video, while every girl that I know dream of being a star she turns down the opportunity that those girls would want to grab.

so I called her and asked about the news "yes we are close but she has her secrets to keep, i bet we all do hide some:. she told me that it's true and of course i want to ask her why, and believe it or not I got the most ridiculous reason I've ever heard. It could be better if she told me her BF (if she has one, not that i know of) don't want her to be in there.  She said she don't want to take it because she hates make up, Yes you read it right MAKE UP's. I feel like what the ________.  I mean everybody likes it and that includes me I'm not ashame of that she is the weirdest girl I've ever seen in mt whole 25 years.

Anyway she was discovered at the hospital where she's working at, she had an extra part as a nurse in an independent movie that they are shooting.

anyway yeah I just realize that I never saw her wear make up in my 25 years of living with her. I'm not bragging but I think she's pretty even without them, judging with this pictures.


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