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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

I Look Like Who?

I was with my Korean friend this morning for breakfast and one new friend said you look like ok joo hyun. suddenly every body laugh, I was so curious who she is, so i asked my friends who she is one of them told me that she was once a popular singer in Korea.

I though that was a good thing, I mean it's not all the time people think you look like a celebrity. So I said thank you and to my embarrassment every body laugh once again and this time it's even lauder and a bit annoying or should I say insulting. I dont know what the laugh is all about so I put in my mind to search on who she is when i get home.

While on my way home i drop by a local computer shop to search on who she really is, out of curiosity maybe! while browsing i got a message from one Korean friend katherine and her message was this: 

"sorry about the laugh, ok joo hyun is the ugliest female singer in korea" 

I feel like WTF it was indeed an insult to me. I know I am Plain but I know that I am not ugly either.

here is the picture of the so called ok joo hyun, and I don't think she is ugly at all. first two is her picture and the next two is mine. I don't know if we really have similarity but it's up to you to judge.

hers (pics courtesy of Google)

My Pics

maybe its a bit hard to compare since her pic are a bit blurs but i cant find a pic of her with better quality when uploaded here.

anyway bottom line is that she's pretty and I am plain but I'm not ugly either. 


sarah smith said...

You're definitely not plain, and anyone who tries to tell you differently isn't worth your time!

strawberry Princess said...

Well you are right, thanks for busting my self confidence.

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