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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

I hate their Mother!

play area, my son and his nanny

kian giving me a WT look
yesterday morning I went to the hospital with my son for his check up, on our way we saw two kids begging, I gave them some coins and then they asked for more because they told me it is not enough for the food so i did gave more.

I was ready to forget the incident but when we went out again after kian's check up we saw them again. They came near us and asked again for money.

kids: "ate pahingi po ng pangkain"  (please give us something to buy food)

Meh: "bigyan ko na lang kayo ng pagkain" (I'll just gave you some food) and then i gave them some biscuits that I always bring with me.

kids: "Pera na lang ate" (we rather take some money)

meh: akala ko ba gusto ninyo kumain (i thought you like to eat)

kids: pera kasi ang gusto namin ate (but we want money)

meh: sorry ah pero wala na akong pera na maibibigay (i'm sorry but I dont have money to give to you)

kids: sige yung pagkain na lang (ok we will take the food)

so I gave them the biscuits but later on did i realize that their mother is waiting for them not far from that place and really to my disgust here is their conversation

mother : ano magkanu binigay (how much did she gave)

kid one "girl": wala po nay pagkain po binigay (she did not give us money she just gave us food)

mother: ano? putang ina naman oh! bakit hindi ninyo pinilit, kung ayaw magbigay di sana dinukutan ninyo na lang or tinakbo ang bag niya. (what the F***, why did you not forced her, if she did not why did you not just snatch her bag).

then suddenly she hit both kids, I feel so terrible that even in the open she does that kind of horrible thing to his kids how much more if they are alone. I cant stand it so I decided to go and talk to her but i change my mind when i saw her walk away with the food that I gave her kids.

I really feel like at the moment he is the worst human being I have ever meet in my entire life, I even wish her death and I'm really sorry about that but at that time I just did wish it.


Alexandra said...

woah thats crazy. Yeah I know some people do that and all they want is to make some money, even though they live somewhere! Poor kids.
following :-)


Are you for real? What kind of mother would sit by and demand that her kids not only beg for money for HER, but also to ask them to steal!!!! yeah, that "mom" needs her ass whipped!

strawberry Princess said...

well too bad its something for real... and something that is true, a lot of parents here will make their kids as business.

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