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Thursday, 5 May 2011

pacquiao vs mosley - Point of View on Pacman

I don't watch boxing nor like any other sports for that matter but since the pacquiao v's mosley is a highly publicized fight i cant help but watch it on TV. So i tried to write something in relation to that.

Well of course being a Filipino I am proud of what did Manny accomplished so far but there is something that i think don't fit in the picture and that is him being a representative of a province, boxing and politics I dont think they go hand in hand.

During the interview when they declared him as a congressman he said that he needs to go to school to learn how to govern a province. For me I think he should have done that before he run for the sit. I mean being a representative is not an easy task but I guess his popularity earn his chair and not what he can really do in politics.

in the sports arena of course he already have proven his worth, he did conquer something that no other athlete in his generation and genre ever achieved but I guess he also should know that there are aspects that he cant do, I mean he's not a super man who can do everything.

So far in his political carrier he have done nothing for his province and that is the sad part because you got no one to blame but those who have voted for him.

on the other note I do hope he will win the fight so to cover up his loses in term of politics.

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