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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Here Comes The Bride

One of my GF is getting married next month "JUNE". She asked me to go with her to check on the gown if it's ready. Gosh I am more excited than she is. Actually I already know the wedding 8 months ago since they started planing.

I am so happy for her and I wish I can have a dream wedding just like what she's going to have. Getting married to a heritage church in vigan, a church that is more than 300 years old. 

Anyway why does everybody thinks that princess kate's gown should be the bases of all bridal gowns, why does some people cant get it, why does this gown makers impose on something such as:

you should wear something like this like princess kate or this is like princess kate it will look good in you. gosh princess kate is princess kate, and her choice is maybe becuase thats what she really wants to wear not because it's what the designers wish. 

anyway I'm just saying this because the one making the gown don't want to stick with the design, she wants to alter something just so it will look like princess kates.

anyway not to spoil the moment I enjoy shopping with her, the make up that she's going to use made me want to bite her, haha not really cause she spent 1500 usd for make ups and hair accessories, "the brand are even so new to me, well what can I say I'm just a farmers daughter, well if you are a ranch owners daughter and you are going to marry one big time individual then that amount is just nothing.


Sarah said...

Weddings are so expensive these days, makes me wonder if there's any point really. It just seems like a way to show off your wealth, rather than show your love for someone.

strawberry Princess said...

@sarah - well i guess you are right but most couples defense is that it only happens once in a lifetime. (unless you are living in a country with divorce)

we always have dream wedding just that most of the time its just a dream thing. :)

Sarah said...

Don't you have divorce where you stay? I suppose, when/if I get married I'd want a really glamorous and perfect wedding too

strawberry Princess said...

nope we are one of just two countries that dont have divorce.

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