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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Adventure Last February

Im really so loud when I laugh, one of my cousin is doing
some funny thing.. and really laughing my ass out..

I climb the Tree on my own hahaha

We were celebrating Chinese new year at home when one of my cousin think of going out and having a picnic.

So we went out to this place, it's called tam-awan Village and it's really a nice place. There are two reasons why we run from my aunts place "we went there to celebrate new year and we do it every year"... of course to get away from the busy noisy life of the city and second is to run away from washing the dishes. hehehehe.. the maid is on vacation for Chinese new year and there will be no other people who will do the dishes except the of course the younger ladies around. So we run away expecting that our aunt will do the dishes but when we came home in the afternoon the dishes are there waiting for us... huhuhu...


Asta said...

nice scenery with mist and everything..

Asta said...

I am following you on twitter..i have opened my twitter today, i would love your support. take care.

Divina Joy said...

Haha, that's so funny. Maybe your aunt knew you were running away from the dishes. Lucky you can climb a tree. I haven't done that since I can remember. Maybe I can find some tree here in Manila but I guess my efforts would be futile. lol

strawberry Princess said...

@asta - yeah I did check and following you too, thanks a lot for the follow.

strawberry Princess said...

@divine joy- the tree is I think 2 feet tall from the branches that I'm standing. but yes I can climb a tree. I do it often when I was young and when we go home to out hometown.

Sarah said...

Those are really cool photo's :) looks nice!

Jyoti Mishra said...

nice snaps !!
and LOL the same thing happens with me :P
whenever i try to escape from some work.. damn ... my mommy make me do it :D
but shez loveliest person on earth, and then I do it ( Do I have an option :O ).

SS said...

Wow, really cool pics. The spot you are in looks so beautiful.

strawberry Princess said...

@sarah - it's a beautiful place...

jyoti - now you know, next time dont run away haha

@ss- i like the place as well

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