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Monday, 2 May 2011

SUmer is So Hot in the Sumer Capital

Baguio is named summer capital of the Philippines just because of it's climate. It's cold up here all year round, they also called it as City of Pines because there are a lot of pine trees up here "not to these days though".

I can see that a lot of tourist are already here, of course you will know they are tourist because they wear short shorts, or too short skirt, and paired with a tube blouse. I have nothing against it, just that most people distinguished tourist by the way they dress.

Well these days most local wants to wear something like that as well, summer here is not as cold as before, it's getting hot and I really don't like it. For the first time in 17 years i bought an electric fan for us just because of the weather.

I guess this summer even people from Baguio needs a splash sometimes.

to end this post i'll post a couple of pics the rest are in the net hehe!!
the zigzag Road

Part of Camp John Hay
Golf Course


Velvet Over Steel said...

What beautiful pictures!! Love them!

Very interesting post, I didn't know all of that! Hope to visit someday, it's on my bucket list! :-)

Have a Wonderful week!1
Coreen XO

strawberry Princess said...

yeah hope you can visit this place too, you can take a trip to sagada as well.

Yono said...


-E- said...

nice. you should give more pics cause i've never been to the philippines.

strawberry Princess said...

@yono - thanks

strawberry Princess said...

@-e- - I will but they should be pictures that I took my self.

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