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Thursday, 26 May 2011

For The Sake of Youtube

Well I really have an account in YouTube but it's just because I want to comment on my friends video. Then this morning my sister told me that it's just dumb to have an account and don't take advantage of it. She said why not just make a video and post it in your blog cause your writing really sucks. Well coming from the editor in chief of a university magazine/news letter then I guess she could be right.

Trust me I tried to really check on my writing skill but I really have a lazy ass to even pay attention on what I'm writing. So I made this video just for the sake of having something on my YouTube account.

Warning... turn off the sound cause it's not really good... It's a music from my sister computer...


Asta said...

nice hairstyle..i also have a youtube acct that i don't use..i need to do something with it. take care.

strawberry Princess said...

yeah me too, I think we have to make use of it. as my sister said what is the use of having it if you dont use it..

Divina Joy said...

Cute hairdo. So that's how Chun Li does her hair eh? hehe. I wouldn't do that for 3 minutes. Perhaps 3 hours. lol just kidding. I'll try that when my hair grow a little longer.

strawberry Princess said...

@divina joy- hehe I guess if you try it will be easier. i mean it just need practice..

ευαγγελια said...

Beautiful princess!
(i'm inviting you to visit my blog!)

Anonymous said...

ahaha! u call it a hairdo sis?.. HAhaha

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