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Friday, 27 May 2011

a mother I want to kick

So here is a story of a mother who forced her 16 year old daughter to marry a 55 year old American guy. Just to let you know that this kind of scenario is not new. I mean parents forcing their daughter to marry someone else. This is kindah normal well not normal in the normal sense but its normal for some people who have a twisted mind.

So this mother Thinking that the American guy will give a lot of money, buy them house and a car. This woman forced her daughter to marry this American guy. To find out in the end that this guy will give them nothing, even a single penny.

Why does this kind of people exist anyway, What right does a mother have to pimp her daughter, I call her a pimp because she is in one way or another. Why this people think that all American people are loaded. That all of them are generous, I’m sick and tired of this people thinking that American dream is the only dream that is left among other dreams.

Well I just hope that the little girl realize that she has no obligation to follow her mothers wish “thinking that she is just 16” and her mother can go to jail. “Though I don’t want to see that happen”.

Anyway being a mother doesn’t mean owning the child, it means taking care of that child and that don’t include forcing her to marry a 55 year old man if she don’t want to.


SUB said...

you are is so sad...

cherrey said...

do you personally know the mother and the child? yeah that's really sick.. marrying someone for the wrong intention is simply sick.. how much more the mother forcing a child to marry someone, and more for the wrong intention.. much worst, for money.. tsk tsk

jlhey said...

That is sad. But I understand in some places is culturally acceptable.

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