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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Sari Dream Dress

Have you ever wish that you are in the Elizabethan time where in you can wear those fantastic gowns, the updo is a soso but I just love the old time dresses.

I really love to wear traditional dress, "which i was not able to do huhuhu!". One of the dress that I would love to try is the sari, a traditional Indian dress. This dress is so sexy and I love the embroider.

Just too bad that I was not born in India or Bangladesh or anywhere where in its normal to wear this dress  to even try this on and I would not look like and idiot.  SIGH!


lil miss Sauniya' said...

different style, different culture but very lovely and classy. I like :)

SS said...

Sarees look so beautiful. But I heard that Japan makes the best sarees. Their qualities are better than all others. Women crave for Japan made sarees.

♥ Viviαŋє ♥ said...

Thank you. His blog is also very beautiful. Hope you visit me always. I'll do the same. I am following your blog. A great weekend!

strawberry Princess said...

@sauniya - yeah I really like it, in my country our own traditional dress is just for show, we dont wear it everyday not like other culture.

strawberry Princess said...

@ss really ?? japan make the most beautiful one? i wonder why, I mean they dont even wear it but still make it.

so nice to know that, thanks for sharing

strawberry Princess said...

@viviane - have a great week end as well. Dont worry I always check new post of my friends and the blogs that i follow.

pleasure amazing place said...

Traditional clothes are nice, especially those of you who wear it, it would be very beautiful, like a Princess.
Tradisyunal na damit ay nice, lalo na sa mga ka na magsuot ito, ito ay magiging lubhang maganda, tulad ng isang Princess. congrats sana masaya. Baguio city ay maganda.

strawberry Princess said...

pleasures amazing place - yeah i bet thats what others would feel if they wear traditional dress

Holy Mackerel said...

Those saris are badly draped and not kind of ugly. Not trying to be rude, I swear; just implying that there are tonnes of them that are WAY prettier.
By the way, wearing one can be hell and can take the romance out of it all, though it's fine once you get used to it :)

strawberry Princess said...

@holy mackerel - well maybe it just go with the taste.

I have never worn one before so I don't know how it's like but hopefully I will find out soon someday

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