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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Streets of China

Pic I took last 2009 in shenzhen China

Pic I took in Shenzhen China last 2009

Not all but most of the streets that I have been in china are just the same.

I'm glad that I did not stay in such kind of neighborhood when I was there. Still they are sour eyes, just imagine every time you go home and walk a little while to enter your place you have to pass trough streets like this.

According to my friend who is still working in china, it's pretty much the same and nothing has changed.

don't get me wrong I'm not saying that I am clean, it's just that maybe I just don't understand why people don't know how to clean a little bit, not to mention the dogs shit and some humans too.


himadri said... are right.People should be care of cleanness.Otherwise they will make their own environment polluted.It will also do harm to him.

jlhey said...

I have been to Dakar, Senegal. Those streets were much much more dirty.
Keep writing, Your blog has the potential to be interesting.

Rev. Sunshine said...

Why do people not care about their surrounds when they start out behind the eight-ball(dirty from the start?

strawberry Princess said...

@himadri - too bad that as I notice most think that this is just but normal

strawberry Princess said...

jlhey - gosh then thats the last place I want to be hehe

strawberry Princess said...

@rev - well I dont know why they think it's just nothing but normal to them.

Rakhi Roy said...

This type of blog is needed to awaken the responsibility of the people...!This is surly not normal...

strawberry Princess said...

@roy - i do agree, if only they think like we do. Some of them hates it too but most think it's just part of their daily living

thank for dropping by

AW said...

hi dear friend,
thanks for joining me last week. you are tagged on my friends finding friday post. Please do visit here and leave your valuable comments.

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