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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Guest Posting is Open

I think writing about something one sided is a bit boring. So I decided to ask my fellow bloggers who are following me “not ask. Invite (^_^) peace” them to write something about a certain topic and will be posted in this blog. You can post it in your blog as well. Of course your link (most of the time URL) will be included as well.

I do know that my blog is all about daily life “ranting in other words”, so I prefer topics about life in general or particular. I would like to receive articles that talks about culture as well. I do love to learn other cultures from people who are thousand miles away from me and probably won’t have the change to be there.

If you are interested to exchange guest posting with me you can send me an email and we can talk.

ps: I have a guest post, from a friend in Indonesia which I forgot to post in here, "so sorry that is really so bad of me". I'll post it next to this or maybe first thing in the morning tomorrow... So sorry Peace...


Maggie said...

this would be interesting to see ! at the moment i cant think of anything :P following :)

strawberry Princess said...

@maggie - thanks for following.. have been following you for 4 days noe :hehe :)

KeshaB623 said...

Looking forward to reading more. Love the layout!

Sarah said...

This sounds like a really good idea :)

Jalapeno said...

Nice post, keep up the good work!

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