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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Waiting for Lydia

Okey yesterday I went to manila for my passport and for my luck I meet someone who will go there for the same reason. “Thanks to facebook”. So here is the scenario from the bus station here in Baguio to manila.

I was trying to send her a message, trying to call her but she’s not picking up the phone. We agreed to see each other 7pm. I was at the station 6:30 and there are 4 seats left for 7pm.
Me: where are you now?

Lydia: I’m on my way. Don’t worry I’ll be there in a minute.

Me: where exactly?

Lydia : I’m here in Trinidad.

I feel like I really want to kick somebody’s ass. The nearest part of Trinidad from the station is 15 minutes away.
Me: where in Trinidad?
Lydia: Camp Dangwa.

Now wait a minute that place is like one hour away from the station and she said she will be here in a minute. So I figured out that it’s really impossible for us to get the 7pm trip.
Me: okey.

Of course it’s not okey, I just feel like it’s the only thing I can say. I wish I can say, make it fast bitch, what are you trying to do have some quickie before you come.

So I waited for one more hour then I called her and just the same story she was on her way but its traffic. Well I kindah guess that we are not going to make it to 8pm and 9 pm as well. So I told her that if she doesn’t arrive by 9:30 I will take 10pm trip with or without her.

She kindah figured it out, so she said she is sorry and she will try to drive faster. With a prayer, I wished that she will really arrive on time cause manila is really a new place to me, not new in the sense that I have never been there it’s just that this will be my first time to go there and do something on my own. I use to do thing with somebody so it’s something that I really worry about.

Anyway to make the story short she arrived at 9:30 and we took the 10pm trip to manila.

Next story : what happen in Manila


Kiran Bajaj Sawhney said...

Oh so somehow she did reach. All is well that ends well.
How was Manilla?

Jyoti Mishra said...

waiting sucks :X
looking forward to what happened in manila !!

strawberry Princess said...

@kiran - manila is okey, just that the weather is like a dish with no distinct taste.

strawberry Princess said...

@jyoti - I really hate to wait as well i dont have the patience that is required for waiting

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