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Thursday, 19 May 2011

French Fries

Sister: can you write a poem for me for my literature class?

Me: sure if you let me have your French friend.

Sister: ewww!! We have a lot in the ref why not go and cook some for your self.

Me: Well the one you already cook looks so yummy.

Sister: What a lazy F***. No!!! Forget about what I asked you and forget my French fries. Now will you just evaporate?

Me: where?

Sister: will you just get out of my room… UGH! Why on earth do I have a sister like you?

I could have said more but her phone rang and guess who? it’s her BF, I always make noise when he call so she went out of the room to take the call cause she cant shovel my ass out of the room. “yeah I love being the eldest”. While she’s gone I eat all her French fries.

Sister: what the, you eat them all.

Me: no! Not all you still have the powder cheese in your plate.

Sister: angry “you bitch you have to do my poetry now or I wont allow you to get out of this room”

Me: I thought you want me to evaporate.

Well I ended up writing her a poem and helped her do her book report. Ugh that’s not fun but blame it to the French fries.


Zealot said...

Mmmmm french fries nice post looking forward to reading more.

kitkat said...

lool! i cnt call my elder sis a b*tch though

Sie said...

I am an only child and I envy those who have a brother or a sister( a good one hehehe...).French fries hay I love french fries and hash browns that's why when I go to the mall here in Manila I always stopped by at Potato Corner.Nice post Strawberry and I miss my hometown Baguio City umuulan na ba dyan?

strawberry Princess said...

Zealot - yeah I love them too specially the one that are already ready made.

strawberry Princess said...

kitkat - yeah I guess it's just a normal word now a days..

strawberry Princess said...

@sie - yeah its raining really so hard and I hate it. I mean whats new it's like this all year round.

Asta said... sweet..i remembered me and my sister when we were small.
i am following you. plz check out my blog and support.

take care,

strawberry Princess said...

hi asta - thanks for dropping by. :)

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