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Friday, 27 May 2011

Manila Here I come

I know it's really crazy to chase the rain but I really have to travel tonight to manila because I have an appointment tomorrow, 9 am at the DFA office.

I was trying to renew my passport and in my city it will take me 55 days to get a new one while in manila it's just 15 days. It's more expensive in manila and I have to travel 6-7 hours by bus just to get there, to count the fact that it's raining to hard in that part of the planet. I know it's something crazy but I have to get my passport by the middle of June because I am about to travel back to china.

So I don't know what kind of weather is waiting for me there "of course I know I just want to pretend that I don't". I still have to go, I have a ticket at 9 "oh I'm going with a fellow crazy woman" so there will be two of us who will be traveling.

wish me luck and I hope by the time I get to manila there will be no more rain.


cherrey said...

Hi girl!

Just started following you. Do follow me back.

Goodluck in Manila! I'll be traveling there too first week of June.

Jyoti Mishra said...

all the best of luck... hope u get it soon !!

Lydia K said...

Hope the trip goes well, and that the rain doesn't cause any trouble. I hope you get something yummy to eat while you're there!

Divina Joy said...

good luck and God Bless! It rained today but not so much. You're coming here and I'm going to Baguio. What do you call that? hehe Good luck!

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