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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Chinese Friends

I did not have a contact from those whom I meet when I went to china until this morning. I receive a message from a friend, someone I never though I'm going to hear from him again.

He told me he have been reading my blog "in chinese hehe" and he read about the post card exchange. He thought its a crazy idea but he is willing to send me some. I already have a lot of post card from china on their way to me but he told me he is in Egypt right now.

so I said hell yeah bring it on... hehe

I'm sleepy now so I will write more articles tomorrow.. see yeah guys..


cooking varieties said...

hi strawbery princess, you must have an aweful lot of postcards by now. how do you keep them- so that they dont stick to each other over the years.

strawberry Princess said...

hello cooking variety - well I put them in a plastic "wrap them" before storing them and I make sure that i don't put them in a humid area.

Divina Joy said...

lol. perharps I could send you postcards when I go out of the country.

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