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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Georgia is a Country in Asia

I picked my nephew from school because his mom is busy at work and needed to do overtime. I notice that he is crying and he can’t look straight to my eyes. There are no more kisses and I love you tita just like he use to do. That made me wonder why but I did not ask a question I was waiting for him to tell me what’s going on.  We are already half way and he still keep quit and I can’t take the silence so I asked him what happen.

He told me news that makes me wants to go back and complain about the teacher. His teacher let him stand in front of the class for tem minutes and called him stupid just because he told her that GEORGIA is a country.  I asked him if that’s the only reason and he told me that he insisted that it’s a country.

I told him that he is wrong because GEORGIA is a state in the United States and the country where it belongs is America. Well to my surprise he asked me how much do I know about geography and I said not much but that’s not the point the point is that he is wrong.

He told me that he is not wrong, there is a country called Georgia and it’s in Asia, of course I don’t know what to say because it’s either he’s fishing, he is wrong or he could be right and I am embarrassed for not knowing.

He asked that we can bet on it. And guess what the bet is? Well he bet on his one month allowance and he even told me that we can keep his play station and his net book for a month. Of course that is like killing him but I guess there is a reason for his bravery. Anyway if he is right I have to do treat him every Sunday “I made a deal about doing his home work for a week and he told me he could do better than I do” where ever he wants to go.

Well I feel sure about Georgia so I took the bet, only to find out that he is right and the teacher and I are wrong. There is a country called Georgia and it is indeed found in Asia.  Located at southwestern Asia, bordering the black see, between Turkey and Russia.

When I asked him where he learned about it, he said in an encyclopedia he even told me that sometimes books are better than internet. We even have a discussion which is better. I said internet (well he said yes for lazy people) and he said books. When I asked him why because the source of information in the internet are books. He even gave me an example like thesis most advisers choose to accept more the published hard copy books than the internet.

Whew sometimes it’s hard to admit but a 9 year old boy can know more than I know.


dreamachine said...

So funny! I totally get it! I'm following you and hope you'll follow back!

strawberry Princess said...

@dream - thanks for the follow I will surely follow you...

opss done..

Sie said...

I agree sometimes we have a lot to learn from the young ones.Books for me are more credible compared to the internet.Many informations on the internet now are deceiving.

Nice post Strawberry Princess :)

strawberry Princess said...

@sie - maybe somehow i agree with the internet kind of thing. I guess its not something that we should take seriously i mean the information.

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