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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A Promise I should Keep

Well this post today is all about my teacher in the university. Not really a teacher in my regular class but he is our adviser in debate society.

When it comes to brain and passion in teaching he is the man. He knows how to connect with his students without losing the teacher student relationship.

I promised him that I will donate school materials for his mission. He found this one village in the country side, 12 hours walk from the main road to the first village and his pay is not enough to buy school supplies for the kids.

at first when he told me about it i feel like are you trying to be a hero or just plainly stupid, I mean how can you spend your salary buying school materials to kids you don't even know and not even related to. To think of it he is doing it on his own. He told me that he don't want to ask the help of the politicians because they will just exploit the kids. He has a point.

Anyway he will go there again with some of his student first week of June "rainy season and it will be so hard to walk 12 hours in a muddy tricky narrow path" so I have to give him my promise. I will meet him lunch time.

Next post will be why is he so in love with this kids.


Asta said...

awww..he is a great human being, so are you.

Anonymous said...

Υou must be proud to have such a teacher! His hummanity is rear...
Love him and help him as much as you can. Because this is the way all human should be treated.
Kids are the future of this world. Nomatter where they live: HELP THEM!
Greetings from Greece!

strawberry Princess said...

@asta - i dont think I am, I am just doing what I promised him before.

strawberry Princess said...

@ eva - yes indeed his break is rare... really so rare..

Jyoti Mishra said...

He is a great man, and by supporting him in his cause u too doing a nice job.
you are a sweet person :)

strawberry Princess said...

@jyoti - thanks a lot... i really wish him all the best on his mission..

Divina Joy said...

Interesting that I found a blogger from Baguio City. I'm from there. Following you now.

By the way, I'm in love with kids too. Perhaps I will create a blog for "my kids" one day. I salute your teacher. A 12 hour walk is really something.

strawberry Princess said...

@divine joy - yes he does really have a strong humanitarian charm.. hehe

thanks for the follow I'm following you as well..

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