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Friday, 20 May 2011

Post Card Exchange Challenge

have you ever meet someone on the internet and they tell you they are from a place you never heard. For me I often meet this people. I think just because of my lack of knowledge on geography. I meet people as well that don't even know where Philippines is I guess I'm not the only person in this planet called earth that has a limited knowledge on geography.

Today I meet a girl from Estonia, forgive me but I really don't know that there is such country as Estonia until today. So with the help of the mighty Google I searched about the place and to my surprise it's really a very popular place. So according to Google it's in eastern Europe, South of Finland, east of Russia and north of Latvia.

flag of Estonia (blue black and white) 
So I decided to make this post about postcard exchange. I know it's rare to send postcard now a days but isn't it fun sometimes to send messages the old fashion way.

So here is the challenge. I am going to ask you fellow bloggers for a postcard exchange, "i know this is a lot of work". I will send 10 post cards to 10 bloggers and hope they will send me post card back.

How to Join:
1)Must be a blogger "don't have to be a follower"
2) you can be reach my mail (of course how can I send it hehe )
3) answer the following in the comment box
          a) why do you like to receive a post card from me?

The first 3 who will send me back a postcard will get Baguio Handmade Products. such as bags, key chain and if you are near food goodies.

The last day of entry will be May 25 2011, so that would be 5 days from now.

Pictures of the goodies will be posted tomorrow.


el-JaNh said...

bLogwalkIng Me agaIn .. see more what Ur Interest here..

strawberry Princess said...

@el-janh - thanks for the visit hope to see more of you here.

Jyoti Mishra said...

I m bad at geography too :(
i m working on improving it !!

anna-maria said...

Hey!I would like to exchange some postcard.As for me this is a great idea!But I need your address.And what postcard would you like to get?

P.S. I like your blog.

Asta said...

i love this idea..count me in.
the ans to your question - i think it will fun!i don't have any friends who are from Philippines.

SS said...

This sounds like a great challenge. My little sister uses the postcrossing site for exchanging postcards.

el-JaNh said...

yeah,, coMe BacK riGht Here.. Nice To visit a cUte BlOg Like This One..

strawberry Princess said...

@ SS so love the information I want to try that one as well..

strawberry Princess said...

@ana - I did send you a message please do check in your comment box., thank you.

strawberry Princess said...

@asta - I do like the interview that you did, you are a star hehe.

anyway I did leave a comment about the postcard exchange please do check. thank you

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