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Friday, 29 July 2011

Parcel Disaster

Recently I have been sending and receiving postcard from different countries, and so far I did not have a problem until recently I send a bunch of postcards to someone in Germany together with other cards. The other 3 have their cards (and those cards have been sent ordinary). One card which was sent registered was lost somewhere and to top it all the help and tracking of Philippine postal Corporation is under construction since august 2009, that is so insane. I should have not sent the parcel registered because it seems that the ordinary cards arrived faster than the registered one.

I really don't worry because phil post will (said by them not proven though) pay the parcel if lost but the fact that some people might lost the trust on me is scary. It makes me wonder how many cards out there that were not delivered and was just toss in a trashcan for any reason I cant comprehend. How many people are thinking I'm a cheater just because of something that I did not do and really got nothing to do with it.

Sigh this system is really killing me, I just hope some of the cards I sent and some of the cards I will be sending in the future will really reach its destination..

"picture of the registration to follow"...

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Does your Reader Matter?

To me yes, after all I created the blog so I can be heard. It’s my emotional trash can (well not all the time).

I have been blogging for quite sometimes now, and I can say I really like it, it’s an island where In I am the queen I create my rules and I am the law. Basically something I can’t even do in the real world.
of course I dont want people to feel so sleepy while reading my blog.. do you?

I know it’s a sign of a person who wants to break free from rules “don’t get me wrong I am also a law abiding citizen, I follow rules, stop at red light, drive at the right lane, put my trash at the right bid and etc”. But having a place of your own, a place whom you can have be your self and break free from law, morals and what ever the physical world is demanding from us.

But then again.. it’s not totally free, because after all I have to consider the fact that I have readers, People who might agree or disagree “something that I took both in a positive way”. They are the people whom I want to learn from my post, they don't have to love it, and they don't have to agree with it but I just hope they enjoy it.

It’s not really a total free world but it's a world that what ever rules you are going to make it’s totally yours. A world where in you are the opposition and the government. Your rule your law and your word.

But readers matter… they affect the rules that you make but for sure making some adjustment on the rules is something me and most bloggers would be glad to do… it’s for our own good after all…
I love all my readers and I love to read as well..

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Korean Kids Card - #1

Ok I don't really write a lot about the postcard that I receive but this postcard and the rest of this batch I decided to write something about them.

Sender : Hyeon-su a 14 year old Korean young lad

He got a question for me:

? - who is the president of your country?
My answer: The president of our country is Ninoy Aquino the 3rd, he is a son of a former president Corazon Aquino. 

He also wrote something about the president of his country, I think he is a kid with a political mind, he's just 14 and he already know how to say "i did not like him at first but now I like him because he is really so smart" 

and his last message did make me smile:
"I have more question but I have no more space to write them"... :) clever lad.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Cards From Korea

I did a swap with Korean kids and the cards arrived in one day. My problem now is how to reply to them all I cant just say greetings because it should be something personal besides they have a question for me that hopefully I can answer.

I will feature each card soon in my blog...

Wednesday, 20 July 2011


It's really that easy to change because after all it's the only constant think in this whole wide world. So today there is another change of routine from my fixed daily routine.

Wake up and sleep some more, a change that I am looking forward... So this past few days I have been sick, just head ache and "you know the kind of feeling when red flag arrived with a cold".. that's what i am feeling right now...

I really don't feel so good, and I'm feeling a life of bed and internet. I have been away from the net "I mean blogging for few days because I was trying to cure my addiction to it"... Some addiction are good, I think addiction to work is good, (depends on your level of addiction)... but internet addiction is really killing my social life, and not only that, there are moment where in sometimes i feel like staying on the net rather than going out.

So I decided to put a minimum amount of time on it and focus on something more important, of course I still cant live without it, I mean who does but I know there are some things that needs more attention than this.

I wont be out of blogging I will still do it on a regular basis but not as much as I do before...
See you people on my next post...

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

2GO - Warning don't Trust them

I was so mad because of this document delivery service, I have been trying to call for the last two days if they picked my document already at DFA.

They will always say sorry ma'am the document is not yet at our end we will notify you if we already have your passport/document.

The passport is there waiting for pick up and I don't understand why they cant go and pick it up. It's their job right. Why cant they pick it up.

If i go to manila again then what is the use of using the delivery service.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

A smile Under Your Tears

hello guys.. back on tract...

I have been away for quite sometimes because I was in manila at saint looks visiting my cousin. While In manila I have learn to smile my sweetest smile even if i wanted to cry.

My cousin has a cancer and he doesnt know it yet, the doctor says he got 3 month maximum to live. It was really painful for us to be in the middle of the right of the patient to know and making his last days memorable for him and mostly for us. It's a selfish decision but I guess it's just the right thing to do. A glimpse of hope is better than knowing that there is no more hope.

What is more painful is that he is just too young, he is too kind and most of all one of the closest cousin I have. Sometimes I asked God why he has to do this while there are a lot of bad people being free, but then again who am i to question God. I guess he has a reason that what ever I do to understand I cant and will never.

To those who have sent postcards and a get well soon card to him, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, you made him smile and give us hope that we will see his sweetest smile longer than what science have said...

Monday, 4 July 2011

My Town - Guest Post from Poland

Płock is a city in central Poland picturesquely located on a steep Vistula riverbank. It is one of the oldest Polish cities and a historical capital of Mazovia and true capital of Poland under Władysław Herman (1079 - 1102). 
 In Płock there is the Cathedral Basilica dated back to the 12th century, there is a sarcophagus of two Polish rulers - Władysław Herman and his son Bolesław Krzywousty. The city is also famous for the oldest Polish school - more than 800-years old Stanisław Małachowski High School, the oldest in Poland 
Scientific Society (established in 1820) and magnificent, classical City Hall building. Tourist attraction of Płock is the Zoological Garden beautifully located on the Vistula river escarpment with impressive collection of poisonous snakes. We cannot forget about a breathtaking view from the Tumskie Hill, as well as newly opened pier ad amphitheater.  At the same time, historical Płock is the city of modern industry. Polish Oil Concern "ORLEN" is one of the biggest Polish companies - a magnate on the market of liquid fuels and petrochemical products and one of the biggest companies in this part of Europe.
In the picture you can see the amphitheater which I've mentioned above, as well as some boats and hotels. I took the picture while standing on the pier ^^ I'm sorry, I do not have a picture of the town hall.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Friday, 1 July 2011

30 pictures in 30 days - day 01 - Muliang and Sagada

I do agree that I often times I asked people to share their pictures but I don't share mine, my apology! So here it is, I'm sharing my collection of photographs. "most of the time I make them into post cards". 

anyway this picture is the birth place of my ancestors, and of course my birthplace. "except Muliang, Muliang is in Paraceles another municipality I went there for a education mission".

note: I took most of the pictures, if not it was shared to me by my friends and I have the full authority to use them into my blog.
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