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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Changing Lives

Sometimes in life it’s not because we are good then we just ignore what is going on with other people’s life especially when we can do something to help them fix it. I’m not asking everybody to be a super hero I’m just saying that we can help others change their life in our own little way.

There is a place in northern Luzon here in the Philippines called Muliang. It’s really a place far from the so called modernization. The main source of living is planting corn, and sometimes they can go hungry during the rainy season cause the river is too strong and the boat that they are using are not suitable for that kind of weather.

The sad part is that parents tend to force their kids to marry at such a young age of 14-15 because they want their kids to be on their own. Raising a kid is really not easy and I know that but forcing him/her to have the same life as the parents have is just pure insanity.

This is the place where my teacher in the university is devoting his life; he wants to educate both parents and kids so they will know that there is something more than corn and getting married early.

They are looking for a sponsor for the deserving kids, sponsor means paying her school supply until she/he finish school. The first to response here is a black American guy “he actually came to the Philippines to visit the kids and he cried, I can’t imagine a man of such physique really cry like a baby” and he did not just sponsor one kid, he bought them rain coats and slippers. I can’t do what he did because I’m just an average girl with a family to look for and I’m not really earning that much, but I will for sure do something I can to help them with their mission. I will join them on their teaching mission and I’m really looking forward to this.

I also promise that the first check I get from Google ad sense will go to the mission. “that will be maybe one year from now but lets hope it wont come to a point where in 100usd means nothing anymore”…

Monday, 30 May 2011

DFA Scenario

While inside the DFA I feel so nervous my heart beats faster than it usually does. I feel like there is something wrong I mean something will happen that I won’t like. I don’t know but it happen, it was my turn and the guard directed me to window 14, her aura is really a bit dark and my heart beats faster and faster as I talk to her.

Window 14 girl: Why are you changing your passport, you still have 3 more years for your passport.
Me: because it has a scratch in it and I tried to use it before but I can’t.

Window14girl: No you can still use this for 3 years.

Me: I know what you mean, the validity of the passport is 2014 but I can’t use it because it is mutilated.

Window14girl: No you can still use it, I won’t allow it.

Me: fine suit your self I’ll go talk to the director.

Windoe14girl: fine you think I’m afraid.

So I went to the directors office and if you go there you need to fall in line and fill up the complain paper before the director can see you. I don’t have time and I don’t want to travel 7 hours again just for this.

Director: what can I do for you?

Me: ma’am the girl in window 14 doesn’t want to accept my application for renewal just because my passport will expire on September 2014.

Director: that is not really allowed unless your passport is mutilated or there is physical damage on your passport.

Me: yes there is that is the reason why I want to change my passport.

Director: let me see your passport.

SO I gave her and then se saw the scratches and she notices that once upon a time the poor little book was submerge in water. She asked me if I intentionally did it and I said why should I that must be crazy, why on earth will I pay 1200 pesos just to change my passport if I don’t need to.

She smile and she dialed something on the phone, I guess she talked to the girl then she gave me my passport and asked me to go back again to window 14.

I was stubborn because I did not go back in there, I went to window 17 and with no question ask she gave me what I need and that is the end to the story.

On my way out I saw the girl in window 14, she states at me like she’s going to eat me alive I just smile and leave the place, the hell with her.

So while waiting for my friend I set beside a group of ladies and they were talking about this woman who was not able to get approval for renewal because of a certain staff, the staff is asking for money but the lady don’t have enough so she just took her papers and went out. I can’t help but to but in and I told them about my story, so I advice her to go there again fall inline in a different window.

So she went in there and she made it… I wish I asked her evidence so we can sue that bitch to the civil service commission. I wish someday that girl will get a dose of her medicine.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Waiting for Lydia

Okey yesterday I went to manila for my passport and for my luck I meet someone who will go there for the same reason. “Thanks to facebook”. So here is the scenario from the bus station here in Baguio to manila.

I was trying to send her a message, trying to call her but she’s not picking up the phone. We agreed to see each other 7pm. I was at the station 6:30 and there are 4 seats left for 7pm.
Me: where are you now?

Lydia: I’m on my way. Don’t worry I’ll be there in a minute.

Me: where exactly?

Lydia : I’m here in Trinidad.

I feel like I really want to kick somebody’s ass. The nearest part of Trinidad from the station is 15 minutes away.
Me: where in Trinidad?
Lydia: Camp Dangwa.

Now wait a minute that place is like one hour away from the station and she said she will be here in a minute. So I figured out that it’s really impossible for us to get the 7pm trip.
Me: okey.

Of course it’s not okey, I just feel like it’s the only thing I can say. I wish I can say, make it fast bitch, what are you trying to do have some quickie before you come.

So I waited for one more hour then I called her and just the same story she was on her way but its traffic. Well I kindah guess that we are not going to make it to 8pm and 9 pm as well. So I told her that if she doesn’t arrive by 9:30 I will take 10pm trip with or without her.

She kindah figured it out, so she said she is sorry and she will try to drive faster. With a prayer, I wished that she will really arrive on time cause manila is really a new place to me, not new in the sense that I have never been there it’s just that this will be my first time to go there and do something on my own. I use to do thing with somebody so it’s something that I really worry about.

Anyway to make the story short she arrived at 9:30 and we took the 10pm trip to manila.

Next story : what happen in Manila

Should I tell him or not?

Some people just go without saying goodbye and some arrives before you even notice. When I moved to this place I come to know lastly, she’s a darling girl, two kids “she’s lucky to have one son one daughter”.
I use to do her a favor on the internet, I mean find her a date and she was lucky, I mean you cant blame those guys, she’s really so good looking.

This morning I learned that she is legally married and the kids are of the same father. The problem now is that the guy she meet on the internet is coming to the Philippines to meet her. I feel like I am a part of a conspiracy, part of the lie she made.

I don’t know what to do when he comes but I guess I have to be the one to tell him what is really happening. I know he will get mad cause we became friend but I have to choice I don’t know that she is married.

So people wish me luck.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

A Hunter from The Past

I think I love my life too much to even think of giving up. I am saying this because I just got a call from one of my school mate before. She told me that my ex is getting married on Sunday and he asked her to call me and gave me the invitation.

I feel honored that after all what he did to me he still thinks of me. Well we promised that who ever gets married first we will invite the other to be there. I know it sound a ridiculous thing to promise when two people are still together but that is what happens 8 years ago. We were young back then, full of ourselves and even too young to think about love but not to young to get hurt.
Right now I’m having the best days of my life and I love it, being a mom did not even change how I look at life. I look at it as something everyone should enjoy I look at it in a better way than before.

His wife “who used to be my best friend” called next and asked me if I envy her? I mean I don’t know what’s running into her mind but for me what happen between me and her soon to be husband is a history. Something I look back but not to hang on it.

Sigh! I still feel like I have to thank her because she is the one who made me realize that I’m better off without him.

Friday, 27 May 2011

a mother I want to kick

So here is a story of a mother who forced her 16 year old daughter to marry a 55 year old American guy. Just to let you know that this kind of scenario is not new. I mean parents forcing their daughter to marry someone else. This is kindah normal well not normal in the normal sense but its normal for some people who have a twisted mind.

So this mother Thinking that the American guy will give a lot of money, buy them house and a car. This woman forced her daughter to marry this American guy. To find out in the end that this guy will give them nothing, even a single penny.

Why does this kind of people exist anyway, What right does a mother have to pimp her daughter, I call her a pimp because she is in one way or another. Why this people think that all American people are loaded. That all of them are generous, I’m sick and tired of this people thinking that American dream is the only dream that is left among other dreams.

Well I just hope that the little girl realize that she has no obligation to follow her mothers wish “thinking that she is just 16” and her mother can go to jail. “Though I don’t want to see that happen”.

Anyway being a mother doesn’t mean owning the child, it means taking care of that child and that don’t include forcing her to marry a 55 year old man if she don’t want to.

Manila Here I come

I know it's really crazy to chase the rain but I really have to travel tonight to manila because I have an appointment tomorrow, 9 am at the DFA office.

I was trying to renew my passport and in my city it will take me 55 days to get a new one while in manila it's just 15 days. It's more expensive in manila and I have to travel 6-7 hours by bus just to get there, to count the fact that it's raining to hard in that part of the planet. I know it's something crazy but I have to get my passport by the middle of June because I am about to travel back to china.

So I don't know what kind of weather is waiting for me there "of course I know I just want to pretend that I don't". I still have to go, I have a ticket at 9 "oh I'm going with a fellow crazy woman" so there will be two of us who will be traveling.

wish me luck and I hope by the time I get to manila there will be no more rain.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

For The Sake of Youtube

Well I really have an account in YouTube but it's just because I want to comment on my friends video. Then this morning my sister told me that it's just dumb to have an account and don't take advantage of it. She said why not just make a video and post it in your blog cause your writing really sucks. Well coming from the editor in chief of a university magazine/news letter then I guess she could be right.

Trust me I tried to really check on my writing skill but I really have a lazy ass to even pay attention on what I'm writing. So I made this video just for the sake of having something on my YouTube account.

Warning... turn off the sound cause it's not really good... It's a music from my sister computer...

Adventure Last February

Im really so loud when I laugh, one of my cousin is doing
some funny thing.. and really laughing my ass out..

I climb the Tree on my own hahaha

We were celebrating Chinese new year at home when one of my cousin think of going out and having a picnic.

So we went out to this place, it's called tam-awan Village and it's really a nice place. There are two reasons why we run from my aunts place "we went there to celebrate new year and we do it every year"... of course to get away from the busy noisy life of the city and second is to run away from washing the dishes. hehehehe.. the maid is on vacation for Chinese new year and there will be no other people who will do the dishes except the of course the younger ladies around. So we run away expecting that our aunt will do the dishes but when we came home in the afternoon the dishes are there waiting for us... huhuhu...

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Chinese Friends

I did not have a contact from those whom I meet when I went to china until this morning. I receive a message from a friend, someone I never though I'm going to hear from him again.

He told me he have been reading my blog "in chinese hehe" and he read about the post card exchange. He thought its a crazy idea but he is willing to send me some. I already have a lot of post card from china on their way to me but he told me he is in Egypt right now.

so I said hell yeah bring it on... hehe

I'm sleepy now so I will write more articles tomorrow.. see yeah guys..

For The Sake of Postcard

I'm not really an artist either by blood or by education. I just like to paint as my sister say, artist by hobby.. hehe..

anyway I painted this at the back of the post card that I sent to people in postcrossing, I hope they will like it. Not that pretty but I have to rush it since postcard here will take like 3 weeks "gosh that long"... and I'm already two days behind.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A Promise I should Keep

Well this post today is all about my teacher in the university. Not really a teacher in my regular class but he is our adviser in debate society.

When it comes to brain and passion in teaching he is the man. He knows how to connect with his students without losing the teacher student relationship.

I promised him that I will donate school materials for his mission. He found this one village in the country side, 12 hours walk from the main road to the first village and his pay is not enough to buy school supplies for the kids.

at first when he told me about it i feel like are you trying to be a hero or just plainly stupid, I mean how can you spend your salary buying school materials to kids you don't even know and not even related to. To think of it he is doing it on his own. He told me that he don't want to ask the help of the politicians because they will just exploit the kids. He has a point.

Anyway he will go there again with some of his student first week of June "rainy season and it will be so hard to walk 12 hours in a muddy tricky narrow path" so I have to give him my promise. I will meet him lunch time.

Next post will be why is he so in love with this kids.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Post Card Exchange Challenge - Goddies

Sorry guys I don't have a good model for the t-shirt if I find one I will be reposting this hehe. T-shirt are available in (food goodies to follow) s/m/l size but not available in any color. It is made out of PURE cotton.

I promise I will be posting it so here it is...

Friday, 20 May 2011

Post Card Exchange Challenge

have you ever meet someone on the internet and they tell you they are from a place you never heard. For me I often meet this people. I think just because of my lack of knowledge on geography. I meet people as well that don't even know where Philippines is I guess I'm not the only person in this planet called earth that has a limited knowledge on geography.

Today I meet a girl from Estonia, forgive me but I really don't know that there is such country as Estonia until today. So with the help of the mighty Google I searched about the place and to my surprise it's really a very popular place. So according to Google it's in eastern Europe, South of Finland, east of Russia and north of Latvia.

flag of Estonia (blue black and white) 
So I decided to make this post about postcard exchange. I know it's rare to send postcard now a days but isn't it fun sometimes to send messages the old fashion way.

So here is the challenge. I am going to ask you fellow bloggers for a postcard exchange, "i know this is a lot of work". I will send 10 post cards to 10 bloggers and hope they will send me post card back.

How to Join:
1)Must be a blogger "don't have to be a follower"
2) you can be reach my mail (of course how can I send it hehe )
3) answer the following in the comment box
          a) why do you like to receive a post card from me?

The first 3 who will send me back a postcard will get Baguio Handmade Products. such as bags, key chain and if you are near food goodies.

The last day of entry will be May 25 2011, so that would be 5 days from now.

Pictures of the goodies will be posted tomorrow.

A Curly Hair for a Change

My straight Hair taken 3 days ago

After Five minutes of curl, photographed last night

 I always wear my hair straight so I decided to make a change... I think I like it but I dont want it to be permanent I still like my straight hair.

I woke up this morning with a straight hair again though hahaha... I just use a blow drier last night to curl my hair.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

French Fries

Sister: can you write a poem for me for my literature class?

Me: sure if you let me have your French friend.

Sister: ewww!! We have a lot in the ref why not go and cook some for your self.

Me: Well the one you already cook looks so yummy.

Sister: What a lazy F***. No!!! Forget about what I asked you and forget my French fries. Now will you just evaporate?

Me: where?

Sister: will you just get out of my room… UGH! Why on earth do I have a sister like you?

I could have said more but her phone rang and guess who? it’s her BF, I always make noise when he call so she went out of the room to take the call cause she cant shovel my ass out of the room. “yeah I love being the eldest”. While she’s gone I eat all her French fries.

Sister: what the, you eat them all.

Me: no! Not all you still have the powder cheese in your plate.

Sister: angry “you bitch you have to do my poetry now or I wont allow you to get out of this room”

Me: I thought you want me to evaporate.

Well I ended up writing her a poem and helped her do her book report. Ugh that’s not fun but blame it to the French fries.

Who would you kill and why?

While blog hopping I come across this blog where in he discuss murder and all legal stuff. In the end of his post he posted one question 

If you would have to kill one person to save five will you do it or kill five to save one person?

I will reserve my answer I would like to know what you think first.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Proud of my Culture

ASIDE from their truly heartwarming hospitality, one thing which really left me in awe in the land of eagle dancers is the Natonians’ remarkable skill in their bead work.

Being able to attend the 4th Sas-alliwa Festival of Natonin, Mt. Province gave me the opportunity to witness the splendid display of an array of colorful ethnic attires complete with the whole accessory ensemble.

One manifestation of our rich and diverse Cordilleran culture is our continuous exhibit of our native identifications making us distinct from neighboring ethnic communities.

If Bontoc women are known for their arm tattoos, Sagada folks for their snake bone headdresses, Natonians, on the other hand, apparently stand out in their ethnic accessories.

Never have I seen and appreciated accessories so colorfully and intricately made. The beadwork is done in such a way that replicating the designs seems quite impossible.

The complete accessory set would consist of a headdress, designed like a band which fits right above the forehead; a pair of bracelets made of the tiniest beads but interwoven to create a wide armlet to cover the wrist up to half an arm’s length; a shoulder accessory which looks like a mini cape, ample enough to cover the whole shoulders; a pair of long-beaded ornament which goes over the shoulder to the hips, criss-crossed to accentuate the torso; and a pair of long dangling earrings, also made of beads as well.

I was given the privilege to wear the complete Natonin ethnic attire. I have to say the experience made me feel, (forgive me for the lack of a better, but more appropriate term) truly special.

Being garbed in the woven ethnic skirt together with the whole set of beaded accessories could truly make one feel like royalty—ethnic royalty. Royalty pertaining to none other than the Igorot ethnicity we Cordillerans are so proud of.

Indeed, this is another thing that we should carry on.

The art of ethnic accessory making requires definite skill and patience to be able to come up with such intricate and beautifully-made designs.

Natonin, the land near to the heavens is a place brimming with this particular kind of talent and creativity.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Guest Posting is Open

I think writing about something one sided is a bit boring. So I decided to ask my fellow bloggers who are following me “not ask. Invite (^_^) peace” them to write something about a certain topic and will be posted in this blog. You can post it in your blog as well. Of course your link (most of the time URL) will be included as well.

I do know that my blog is all about daily life “ranting in other words”, so I prefer topics about life in general or particular. I would like to receive articles that talks about culture as well. I do love to learn other cultures from people who are thousand miles away from me and probably won’t have the change to be there.

If you are interested to exchange guest posting with me you can send me an email and we can talk.

ps: I have a guest post, from a friend in Indonesia which I forgot to post in here, "so sorry that is really so bad of me". I'll post it next to this or maybe first thing in the morning tomorrow... So sorry Peace...

6-6 darkness and an Angry Boss

there is no other way then to ruin  your day than to wake up and learn that there's no electrical power from 6am to 6pm. Well maybe you can blame me for not reading the morning paper but who does read one now a days. Ops maybe there is, it's old Mr. Johnson from place I don't know and would not care to know at all.

I woke up late because I went to bed late which is really so annoying, if I did not wake up late then I would have know that the hell all mighty electricity will lose its power for 12 hours and will paralyze almost every one that i know of.

To make it worst, Kian's nanny went out to go to church, "yeah they have church Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. I don't know why one day in a week is not enough not to mention the bible study every Wednesday night. Anyway we were left alone, it's just the two of us which makes it a little bit scary because Kian has a slight fever.

Both of my sisters are in school, so there is no way I can ask one of them to stay in our place even for a split second.

I needed to send a message to my boss telling him that I might not be able to make it today but I don't know how, I lose my phone with every number in it, well i have his number but have no means to do so.

and to top it all i just lose one client. Well maybe it's all my fault and I deserve it, I know that for sure.So i just keep quite an accept what ever he say, i mean there is no use in arguing it will just make the matter wost and thats the last thing that i want to happen. I know that when he's angry no one is right except him. Sigh!

I hate their Mother!

play area, my son and his nanny

kian giving me a WT look
yesterday morning I went to the hospital with my son for his check up, on our way we saw two kids begging, I gave them some coins and then they asked for more because they told me it is not enough for the food so i did gave more.

I was ready to forget the incident but when we went out again after kian's check up we saw them again. They came near us and asked again for money.

kids: "ate pahingi po ng pangkain"  (please give us something to buy food)

Meh: "bigyan ko na lang kayo ng pagkain" (I'll just gave you some food) and then i gave them some biscuits that I always bring with me.

kids: "Pera na lang ate" (we rather take some money)

meh: akala ko ba gusto ninyo kumain (i thought you like to eat)

kids: pera kasi ang gusto namin ate (but we want money)

meh: sorry ah pero wala na akong pera na maibibigay (i'm sorry but I dont have money to give to you)

kids: sige yung pagkain na lang (ok we will take the food)

so I gave them the biscuits but later on did i realize that their mother is waiting for them not far from that place and really to my disgust here is their conversation

mother : ano magkanu binigay (how much did she gave)

kid one "girl": wala po nay pagkain po binigay (she did not give us money she just gave us food)

mother: ano? putang ina naman oh! bakit hindi ninyo pinilit, kung ayaw magbigay di sana dinukutan ninyo na lang or tinakbo ang bag niya. (what the F***, why did you not forced her, if she did not why did you not just snatch her bag).

then suddenly she hit both kids, I feel so terrible that even in the open she does that kind of horrible thing to his kids how much more if they are alone. I cant stand it so I decided to go and talk to her but i change my mind when i saw her walk away with the food that I gave her kids.

I really feel like at the moment he is the worst human being I have ever meet in my entire life, I even wish her death and I'm really sorry about that but at that time I just did wish it.

Monday, 16 May 2011

San Miguel Rocks

I was browsing the internet about beer when I saw this pictures of soldiers "i'm sorry I don't know which branch or army they belong" drinking beer.

Then I come to realize that I havent drink beer for the last six month "WHOAAA, well me too I cant believe it", I'm not saying I drink a lot of next to that, all I'm saying is that at least in the past two years I drink a bottle or two in a month, I drink it when I cant go to sleep and I'm under stress.

I don't know but maybe in the last six month I have not ever been under stress, or maybe I have been but I'm already used to is and I cant even realize that I'm under it. 

anyway I want to talk about my favorite beer, not the beer they are drinking :). I love san miguel lights, i think it has a magic taste ". I don't know what it is but it really has something to do with the taste, I did not bother to research on it anyway.

so thats all about beer... :)

A Glimpse of China

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Naked German Model

A naked German Model
in the Streets of Germany

Modulation - Guest Post 1

A story named “Modulation”!

Author: Himadri Subrah Saha



After doing the class in you science school, college or university may be you have gone through 10 sets of books, searched in the web for a long time, tried with some picture and after failing again gone to you course teacher to clear your doubt but the concept is still not clear. Some pixels are missing in the image when you dream of a modulation scheme of a signal! What a tragic situation!?!But it is simple. Let’s see below:

“Suppose you want to send a white piece of paper (having low weight) from your house to your friends house which is 20 meter away from your house. Will you be able to send it by throwing it by hand? The answer is NO.

Now wrap a stone(Having much more weight with respect to paper) with that paper and throw it hopefully it will reach the distance.

This process of wrapping the stone with a paper is modulation in a simple sense. “

Now lets consider,

White piece of paper (having low weight) = Your Signal which you want to send.(Low Frequency)
Stone (Having much more weight with respect to paper) = The Carrier or simply transporter of your signal which is helping you to send your signal to your destination.(High Frequency)

Now if I tell you “Modulation is a process through which a base band signal of low frequency is been mixed with a carrier signal of high frequency and is sent over in the space to reach destination.”Is it understandable? Please let me know.

ps to readers :
No editing has been made to this article, it's being published as the authors suggestion, any similarity to any article is not my responsibility. In any case that it has a similarity of your article you can say so trough the comment box. until then just sit back and relax, read this very informative article, more articles are in his blog  really helpful one to gadget savvy like you and me. :)

Next guest post will be a poetry from a guy in Indonesia, I really do love poetry so I just hope you will like it as well.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

a glimpse of Paris

my friend ahmed (well he doesnt know
that I call him that way)

Are you Kidding Me?

okey you probably want to ask who is she, well she is my sister six years younger than I am "yeah I'm getting old, who does not?"

Well the reason I'm blogging about her is that, my friend sent me a message this morning about her. She told me that my sister turn down a part in a local music video, while every girl that I know dream of being a star she turns down the opportunity that those girls would want to grab.

so I called her and asked about the news "yes we are close but she has her secrets to keep, i bet we all do hide some:. she told me that it's true and of course i want to ask her why, and believe it or not I got the most ridiculous reason I've ever heard. It could be better if she told me her BF (if she has one, not that i know of) don't want her to be in there.  She said she don't want to take it because she hates make up, Yes you read it right MAKE UP's. I feel like what the ________.  I mean everybody likes it and that includes me I'm not ashame of that she is the weirdest girl I've ever seen in mt whole 25 years.

Anyway she was discovered at the hospital where she's working at, she had an extra part as a nurse in an independent movie that they are shooting.

anyway yeah I just realize that I never saw her wear make up in my 25 years of living with her. I'm not bragging but I think she's pretty even without them, judging with this pictures.

Sari Dream Dress

Have you ever wish that you are in the Elizabethan time where in you can wear those fantastic gowns, the updo is a soso but I just love the old time dresses.

I really love to wear traditional dress, "which i was not able to do huhuhu!". One of the dress that I would love to try is the sari, a traditional Indian dress. This dress is so sexy and I love the embroider.

Just too bad that I was not born in India or Bangladesh or anywhere where in its normal to wear this dress  to even try this on and I would not look like and idiot.  SIGH!

Streets of China

Pic I took last 2009 in shenzhen China

Pic I took in Shenzhen China last 2009

Not all but most of the streets that I have been in china are just the same.

I'm glad that I did not stay in such kind of neighborhood when I was there. Still they are sour eyes, just imagine every time you go home and walk a little while to enter your place you have to pass trough streets like this.

According to my friend who is still working in china, it's pretty much the same and nothing has changed.

don't get me wrong I'm not saying that I am clean, it's just that maybe I just don't understand why people don't know how to clean a little bit, not to mention the dogs shit and some humans too.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

something I really Want

I love it when people drop by to give me gift in no occasion. I'm not much on make up thing but if someone gave you something like this then I will grab it. 

love you tita lydia for this. I guess she wants to give me something like this because the last time i visit her i complain about not having things like this.. haha sometimes complaining is good.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Here Comes The Bride

One of my GF is getting married next month "JUNE". She asked me to go with her to check on the gown if it's ready. Gosh I am more excited than she is. Actually I already know the wedding 8 months ago since they started planing.

I am so happy for her and I wish I can have a dream wedding just like what she's going to have. Getting married to a heritage church in vigan, a church that is more than 300 years old. 

Anyway why does everybody thinks that princess kate's gown should be the bases of all bridal gowns, why does some people cant get it, why does this gown makers impose on something such as:

you should wear something like this like princess kate or this is like princess kate it will look good in you. gosh princess kate is princess kate, and her choice is maybe becuase thats what she really wants to wear not because it's what the designers wish. 

anyway I'm just saying this because the one making the gown don't want to stick with the design, she wants to alter something just so it will look like princess kates.

anyway not to spoil the moment I enjoy shopping with her, the make up that she's going to use made me want to bite her, haha not really cause she spent 1500 usd for make ups and hair accessories, "the brand are even so new to me, well what can I say I'm just a farmers daughter, well if you are a ranch owners daughter and you are going to marry one big time individual then that amount is just nothing.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Georgia is a Country in Asia

I picked my nephew from school because his mom is busy at work and needed to do overtime. I notice that he is crying and he can’t look straight to my eyes. There are no more kisses and I love you tita just like he use to do. That made me wonder why but I did not ask a question I was waiting for him to tell me what’s going on.  We are already half way and he still keep quit and I can’t take the silence so I asked him what happen.

He told me news that makes me wants to go back and complain about the teacher. His teacher let him stand in front of the class for tem minutes and called him stupid just because he told her that GEORGIA is a country.  I asked him if that’s the only reason and he told me that he insisted that it’s a country.

I told him that he is wrong because GEORGIA is a state in the United States and the country where it belongs is America. Well to my surprise he asked me how much do I know about geography and I said not much but that’s not the point the point is that he is wrong.

He told me that he is not wrong, there is a country called Georgia and it’s in Asia, of course I don’t know what to say because it’s either he’s fishing, he is wrong or he could be right and I am embarrassed for not knowing.

He asked that we can bet on it. And guess what the bet is? Well he bet on his one month allowance and he even told me that we can keep his play station and his net book for a month. Of course that is like killing him but I guess there is a reason for his bravery. Anyway if he is right I have to do treat him every Sunday “I made a deal about doing his home work for a week and he told me he could do better than I do” where ever he wants to go.

Well I feel sure about Georgia so I took the bet, only to find out that he is right and the teacher and I are wrong. There is a country called Georgia and it is indeed found in Asia.  Located at southwestern Asia, bordering the black see, between Turkey and Russia.

When I asked him where he learned about it, he said in an encyclopedia he even told me that sometimes books are better than internet. We even have a discussion which is better. I said internet (well he said yes for lazy people) and he said books. When I asked him why because the source of information in the internet are books. He even gave me an example like thesis most advisers choose to accept more the published hard copy books than the internet.

Whew sometimes it’s hard to admit but a 9 year old boy can know more than I know.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Pink Inside Foot Wear

I don't know about you but I think they are so cute. I bought then for only $4. The prize is reasonable cause  aside from being cute its so durable. I really love this foot wear.

I decided to post a joke in every end of my every single post starting today so here is the:

Joke of the day:

a man goes hunting with a bunch of his friends on his land!! 

they have been hunting a while and his best friend says "hey i can see in your bedroom with my scope". 

He says “who’s that man in the bedroom with your wife?

 the husband says "what? r u joking? 

The friend replies, “no honestly. i can see them!!

 the husband says "fine shoot her in the head and him in the private!! 

the friend replies’ can get that in one shot!!!!!!!!"

Thursday, 5 May 2011

pacquiao vs mosley - Point of View on Pacman

I don't watch boxing nor like any other sports for that matter but since the pacquiao v's mosley is a highly publicized fight i cant help but watch it on TV. So i tried to write something in relation to that.

Well of course being a Filipino I am proud of what did Manny accomplished so far but there is something that i think don't fit in the picture and that is him being a representative of a province, boxing and politics I dont think they go hand in hand.

During the interview when they declared him as a congressman he said that he needs to go to school to learn how to govern a province. For me I think he should have done that before he run for the sit. I mean being a representative is not an easy task but I guess his popularity earn his chair and not what he can really do in politics.

in the sports arena of course he already have proven his worth, he did conquer something that no other athlete in his generation and genre ever achieved but I guess he also should know that there are aspects that he cant do, I mean he's not a super man who can do everything.

So far in his political carrier he have done nothing for his province and that is the sad part because you got no one to blame but those who have voted for him.

on the other note I do hope he will win the fight so to cover up his loses in term of politics.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

I Have a Cancer - Wrong Reading

 the ultra sound result that i showed her

the Hospital
It has been 12 days that I'm having a red flag, most of the time I just have it with in 3 days and this time it's something different because I have it in 12 days, I am becoming pale and I feel dizzy. So i decided to go to a doctor because I am already worried what could be my condition. 

So i was lucky enough to find a doctor (lunch time), when i told her about my problem she sent me to the ultrasound office, without a question I oblige. They have a rule that they wont allow you to have the Ultra Sound if you dont feel like urinating so I was forced to drink 500 ml of water and wait for 15 minutes before they perform the ultrasound.

After the Ultrasound they gave me the negative (my copy)and told me to wait for the written result, but I start getting so anxious so i went to the stationed nurse to give me what she thinks on the negative that I have. I have been ultrasound before that is why I saw what it looks like to have a normal uterus, and certainly it dont look like the negative that I have on my hands that's why I feel a bit nervous. 

I pointed out to the portion that i think it's not normal and what she told me totally blow my mind. I did not hear the rest of the phrase but she told me that is has something to do with cancer. 
I wanted to cry, really I want to slap her in the face (I wish I did) but i did not cry nor slap her in the face, I went to my back to my chair and just sit in there like as if everything around me is collapsing. I did not even hear my name when the doctor called my name.

Glad that I was with my friend that she notice what happen and she went to the doctor to see the result (report). She came to me and asked me why I am acting that way and I told me what the nurse just said. She was speechless too but she said maybe she was wrong and encourage me to go back to the doctor to ask if it's really true, so we went back in and asked the doctor, she said congratulation it's not what I have anticipated, your cervix are okey and there is no indication that it could be a major thing.

That time I feel like I was a dead person brought back to life, I asked her why then I am having this kind of thing and she said something that is a little bit disturbing as well but thanks GOD it's not cancer. I feel like if only murder is legal that nurse is my first victim.

my advice is that get a second reading or opinion when it come to cases like this, Cancer is not an efffiinngg Joke.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

I Look Like Who?

I was with my Korean friend this morning for breakfast and one new friend said you look like ok joo hyun. suddenly every body laugh, I was so curious who she is, so i asked my friends who she is one of them told me that she was once a popular singer in Korea.

I though that was a good thing, I mean it's not all the time people think you look like a celebrity. So I said thank you and to my embarrassment every body laugh once again and this time it's even lauder and a bit annoying or should I say insulting. I dont know what the laugh is all about so I put in my mind to search on who she is when i get home.

While on my way home i drop by a local computer shop to search on who she really is, out of curiosity maybe! while browsing i got a message from one Korean friend katherine and her message was this: 

"sorry about the laugh, ok joo hyun is the ugliest female singer in korea" 

I feel like WTF it was indeed an insult to me. I know I am Plain but I know that I am not ugly either.

here is the picture of the so called ok joo hyun, and I don't think she is ugly at all. first two is her picture and the next two is mine. I don't know if we really have similarity but it's up to you to judge.

hers (pics courtesy of Google)

My Pics

maybe its a bit hard to compare since her pic are a bit blurs but i cant find a pic of her with better quality when uploaded here.

anyway bottom line is that she's pretty and I am plain but I'm not ugly either. 
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